Recently I went on a road trip around Gladstone and Rockhampton, moved to Brisbane and spoke at a HR lunch. All of this in ONE week! Then my brain just shut down. I know my body was exhausted but my brain just couldn’t cope, the change was too much.

Why is change so HARD. This month I will be speaking at the HR Summit on the Neuroscience of Change and why our brains find it so hard. Considering our brains only weigh 1.5 kgs and take up about 20% of our energy, our brains like the status quo, old habits and things to be just right. Who once said, “change is like a holiday”, well I do find change quite difficult – but I am the director of my brain – so how do I change my thinking and reframe the change to be a positive one…?

I posted Morten T. Hansen’s powerful blog recently on Linkedin; which gave great insights and techniques around change – read it here!

Employee Value Proposition was the hot topic at a recent Next Step HR lunch; which I presented at. What a great discussion with several Senior HR Leaders in Brisbane around are we actually delivering what we promise to our candidates and talent? Some powerful tools and techniques around how to elicit an EVP as well as reflection and insights on how we are communicating and delivering our EVP as well as what others are doing.

If you are interested in a great EVP toolkit, click here to register and download.

Last month, The Australian Business School posted an insightful article on Compassionate Leadership. Through their research and findings; the single greatest influence on profitability and productivity within an organisation, according to the research project – which to date has taken in data from more than 5600 people in 77 organisations – is the ability of leaders to spend more time and effort developing and recognising their people, welcoming feedback, including criticism, and fostering co-operation among staff. To read more, click here

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