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Sonia’s captivating keynotes are designed to inspire, empower and transform the way you see and action leadership, kindness and courage. With a deep understanding of what it takes to lead fearlessly, Sonia shares actionable insights and real-world strategies that drive meaningful change.

In her dynamic keynote speeches, Sonia delves into the heart of great leadership, exploring the power of vulnerability, authenticity and resilience. Drawing from her wealth of experience and research, she engages audiences with compelling stories, practical tools and thought-provoking exercises that encourage organisations, teams, leaders at all levels to step into their full potential. Her mission and visions is to create great leaders and humans. With over 30 years in leadership and culture, her keynotes are based on her wealth of experience, research and neuroscience which she brings to the stage with impact and fun.

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Tailored Keynote Speaking Topics with Our Conference Speaker

Sonia customises keynotes to suit the needs of your organisation or audience. Her expertise is leadership, organisational culture, people & culture, courage, confidence and women empowerment. Want to learn more about Sonia’s keynote topics? Book a call to discuss your next event.

Leadership is an Attitude

Based on Sonia’s cutting-edge book Leadership Attitude, which explores how you can be a leader through your attitude, values, actions, mindset and behaviour. This keynote has been transformational for thousands of leaders worldwide, leaving the audience inspired to be the leader they want to be.

Just Rock It!

A high-energy and inspiring keynote based on Sonia’s second book, Just Rock It!. Discover how to embrace fear to lead with confidence, courage and conviction. Sonia empowers her audience to shine and stand tall and be the impact they want to be. It has become a life-changer for many people.

First Comes Courage

Impactful and highly motivating keynote that explores the Courage Compass around Self, Kindness, Impact, Purpose and Resilience. Sonia will take your audience through the virtues and keys to courageous leadership and discover the 5 rules of courage and how they can change your life.

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More Popular Speaking Topics


Discover the secrets to great leadership and see its impact on your business. In this keynote, Sonia takes the audience through the why, how, and what of great leadership. Discover what works, what doesn’t, and how you can see an immediate impact/ROI on your business. You’ll walk away with the tools and knowledge you need to be an outstanding leader in your organisation.


How would it feel to have a powerful Leadership Mindset? Sonia has been inspiring the world with her leadership work and neuroscience tools for many years. She will take you on a fun, practical and incredible journey and give you the research, and knowledge to lead with the brain in mind. Get ready to have your mind blown away with this great keynote and masterclass!


If you are like most women, you will love this keynote. Sonia will empower and inspire you as a woman to gain the courage and confidence you need to stand up and lead. You’ll learn how to identify your power, navigate through challenging conversations, and lead with impact. After attending this keynote, you’ll be inspired to take action, step into your courage, and lead confidently.

Discover the transformative impact of authentic leadership, where being true to yourself becomes the catalyst for inspiring others. In this keynote, experience how embracing your unique strengths and values builds trust and loyalty within your team. Learn how authenticity can revolutionise your leadership style, creating a vibrant, high-performing work environment that thrives on genuine connections and shared success.

Join us for an empowering keynote redefining what it means to lead with courage in uncertainty. Hear inspiring tales of leaders who navigated turbulent times with resilience and decisiveness, transforming challenges into opportunities. This session will equip you with the mindset and tools to confront adversity boldly, confidently make tough decisions, and inspire your team to innovate and adapt, ensuring your organisation emerges stronger and more resilient.

Witness the profound impact of empathy and kindness on leadership in this heartwarming and motivating keynote. Experience powerful stories of leaders transforming their organisations by prioritising human connection and compassion. Learn actionable strategies to cultivate empathy and kindness in your leadership approach to lead with heart, driving engagement, productivity, and overall well-being in your team.

Discover the secrets of leaders who have created cohesive, motivated teams consistently delivering outstanding results. Through engaging anecdotes and practical advice, learn how to set ambitious goals, recognise achievements, and foster an environment of trust and continuous learning.

This keynote highlights the stories of visionary leaders who have embedded ethical practices and social impact into their organisations’ core values. Learn how to champion diversity, sustainability, and community engagement, turning social responsibility into a competitive advantage. This session will motivate you to lead purposefully, making a lasting difference in your organisation and beyond.

Virtual Events, Workshops and Conferences

Sonia is quickly becoming an in-demand speaker for virtual events across the globe. She has the energy and skill-set to make any virtual event engaging, interactive and impactful. She has the ability to captivate her online audience to make your virtual conference, workshop or event one to be remembered.


Results Sonia has helped create

Hear out what her clients say about her.

"Sonia is an enthusiastic speaker who communicates complex concepts in an entertaining and engaging manner. Her depth of knowledge and understanding of leadership is exemplified in the detail she goes into in her presentation. There’s no fluff, just substance and she’ll give you skills to take home, tell others and start using immediately to better you, your company and everyone around you."
"Sonia held the 300 attendee audiences attention the whole time. She energised them, she made them laugh, she made them think. I would recommend anyone looking for a speaker to empower their staff - Sonia should be your choice. She exudes energy and positivity and leaves you feeling like you can do anything. She is incredible."
"Sonia was so motivating and encouraging, and I left the room feeling like I really could accomplish anything that I set my mind to. I believe that Sonia has the potential to influence leaders at every stage of their journey, and as I progress through my professional career I always find that Sonia has unique content to help me along my personal development as a leader in my field."
"Sonia facilitated the Women in Mantra leadership workshop for us on International Women’s Day. Her passion and energy left our Team Members feeling inspired to achieve leadership roles at Mantra Group, and they have already set up local networking groups and put measurable goals in place."
"Sonia is an outstanding motivational speaker who inspires her audience to be inclusive and balanced leaders and you always leave wanting to hear more. Thankfully she also has wonderful books to support your journey to not only outstanding leadership, but courage and growth."
"Sonia spoke at our company's annual International Women's Day event 2022 and all guests absolutely loved her presentation. We have received feedback from many people that Sonia was inspiring and created a great positive energy in the room. Sonia really understood our company's core values and tailored the presentation to our needs."
"We engaged Sonia as a presenter for a career development seminar. We found her style professional, engaging and warm and feedback from our team was incredibly positive. Thanks Sonia, we look forward to having you back again!"
“Sonia is one gutsy woman; her story of humble beginnings that led her to self-motivated success was very inspiring. She introduced us to the concept of confidence and leadership in our roles (even if we don’t have Manager or Leader in our titles) and she managed to keep a fairly chatty crowd engaged and eager to hear more.”
The EA Initiative Team
“Sonia McDonald is an inspirational keynote and workshop presenter with a distinctive ability to bond and engage with her audiences. Sonia is well-known for her dynamic, charismatic workshop/presentation style and people walk away on an emotional and inspired high, feeling informed.”
HR Architect
“Sonia has spoken twice at our annual event for 16-18-year-old student leaders, and each time she was instantly able to connect with her audience, generating challenging and authentic discussion. Sonia was able to share insightful expertise relevant to any age group and experience level, and her energy and passion made her sessions a highlight of the event. I would highly recommend Sonia for any speaking engagement or event!”
Griffith University
“Sonia combines bucket loads of passion for her clearly defined purpose, a thorough grounding in the principles of leadership and neuroscience, and an engaging personal style which makes her an adaptable and engaging presenter in front of any audience. Presenting at the LeadX event Sonia had the audience captured with her energy and compelling story telling, leaving all attendees empowered to surround themselves with the right people and confident to take risks to learn and lead.”

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Whether it’s a networking breakfast, a team building day or an annual event Sonia can customise a keynote or workshop to make your event one they will be talking about for weeks to come. Book early to ensure you wont be disappointed.