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Leadership Is
An Attitude

This powerful keynote is based on Sonia’s award winning writing and her first and cutting edge book Leadership Attitude, which explores why leadership is an attitude not a role or a title. Discover the keys to a leadership attitude and learn how you can be a leader through your values, actions, mindset and behaviour. For over 30 years in the industry and 15 years researching, publishing and consulting in the Leadership arena, Sonia knows what it takes to be a great leader. This keynote has been transformational to 1000’s of leaders across the globe and you will leave the room inspired to be the leader you want to be.

Just Rock

This high-energy and inspiring keynote based on Sonia’s second book, Just Rock It! And it has become a life-changer for many attendees. Sonia talks about embracing fear to get courage and she does it from not only neuroscience perspective but from a lens where you will leave the room wanting to rock your life and leadership. For over 30 years in the industry and 15 years researching, publishing and consulting in the Leadership arena, with the courage to start her first company from a blog, Sonia knows what it takes to rock it and loves to inspire others.. She will have your audience truly rocking it with confidence, courage and conviction. She will empower them to shine and stand tall and be the impact they want to be. 


What does it mean to be a courageous leader? Sonia has been researching and working in the leadership space for nearly 25 years and she will take the audience through a journey around the keys to courageous leadership through the lens of the courage compass, connection, conviction, commitment and candor. She will unfold the keys to courageous leadership circumplex and give attendees the inspiration and skills to lead organisations and teams with greater leadership and impact. She will explore the cutting edge philosophy behind courageous leadership and in turn dare to step into your own power as a leader. 

First Comes Courage

What traits and actions make a great and courageous leader? Leadership starts within. This is the premise of the latest book and research where this incredible keynote First Comes Courage explores the foundation and great virtues of leadership beginning with courage. Sonia will take you attendees through the virtues and keys to courageous leadership and how to embrace her First Comes Courage methodology and compass. You will learn and take aways the keys to leading with courage through the lens of kindness, purpose, impact and resilience. Learn how to start your leadership journey with courage.

New Kind of Leadership

If there was one thing that the past few years has shown us is that Kindness and Empathy are the new styles of leadership. For over 30 years in the industry and over 15 years researching, publishing and consulting in the Leadership arena, Sonia knows what it takes to be a great leader. A great leader is one that leads with kindness, compassion and empathy. Thing is, many find this challenging so it is critical that leaders embrace this themselves as Sonia will take you on a journey of discovery around the new kind of leadership needed today and the ROI of embedding kindness into your leadership. You will learn how to lead with warmth, kindness and empathy whilst keeping truly strong and brave as a leader. 


The Value of Values

Leading with conviction, integrity and authenticity are the fundamental elements of great leadership. Many leaders today don't truly appreciate or understand how the values, beliefs and culture of an organisation plays in the success of their organisation. Peter Drucker once said “Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast” and this is so true. And who leads the culture - you, your leaders and everyone in the organisation. For over 30 years in the industry and over 15 years researching, publishing and consulting in the Leadership and Culture arena, Sonia knows what it takes to have a great culture. She will take you on a powerful journey on how to discover, embed and celebrate great values and behaviours as well as the why and what of extraordinary culture.  



Sonia’s latest keynote will take your leaders and audiences to another level of leadership - Great Leadership. After consulting and researching the leadership space for over 15 years, she knows what makes a Great Leader. Her research and findings of the best leaders past and present will show you what we can all do to create and build outstanding leaders and teams as well as navigate the challenges we face today. Our greatest leaders of our times demonstrated incredible courage, self-belief, empathy and grit that is needed more than ever before. Her next book Great will be taking the world by storm and this keynote is a must for all leaders and audiences today.

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