Daydreams and the Resting Brain

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Our brains are working frantically all the time even when you’re not aware of it.  The conscious mind controls our brains for only 5% of the time.  The other 95% is powered by our subconscious. We know that the resting brain is never silent.  It’s ticking away through a variety of material gathered from your […]


“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear”. Nelson Mandela Lead with Courage. I woke up today and it occurred to me how much courage the leaders have that I am coaching […]

Connect and Lead Through Relationships

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Striving to be a good leader is something we all do on a daily basis and, as the pressure mounts to be continually innovative, leaders are looking for alternative ideas. However, did you know the connections you make with your team can be the difference between a good leader and a great one? Think about […]

Clash Between the Brain and Customer Service

Clash Between the Brain and Customer Service! We’ve all been there. We’ve bent over backwards to provide the best customer service humanly possible and yet still it hasn’t been enough. The customer has left without making a purchase or worse, has complained about “poor service.” You stand there wondering what else you could have done […]

Change, EVP and Compassionate Leadership…

Recently I went on a road trip around Gladstone and Rockhampton, moved to Brisbane and spoke at a HR lunch. All of this in ONE week! Then my brain just shut down. I know my body was exhausted but my brain just couldn’t cope, the change was too much. Why is change so HARD. This […]

Building Trust

Why is it that we can look at one person and instinctively trust them yet look at another and feel uncomfortable? It turns out that the answer is in the way our brains work. In 2008 researchers created an experiment called the trust game.  They found that “oxytocin, a hormone and neurochemical, enhances an individual’s propensity to […]

Strategies to Build a Pipeline to Leadership Gender Equality (Free Ebooks!

Women in Leadership

We know about the glass ceiling, and how that is or was, considered a barrier to women achieving their career and leadership goals, but what else is blocking the pipeline to female leadership? It’s easy to blame breaks in employment due to having children and going on maternity leave, but these pauses don’t need to […]

Brain Breaks

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This morning I was running late, it was raining and was racing to chair a Leadership Summit. My brain was overwhelmed, distracted and I was doing 3 things at once. And you guessed it, I lost focus and drove into the curb and massive FLAT TYRE! UGH! Slow down you move too fast, got to […]

Brain Based Decision Making


The ability to take decisive action, to make sound, unbiased decisions, is a key skill that effective leaders use multiple times each day. When we think about the key components and processes of sound decision making, most of us tend to first think of our brain’s ability to use logic and reason to examine the […]

Blended Learning for Leadership and Diversity

We’ve always said that although there are certainly some born leaders in our world, there are many more great leaders who have acquired and polished their leadership skills over a period of time. So, we know that with training, great leaders can be created. Modern training techniques have evolved to reach beyond the training room, […]