Expert Speaker and Coach on Leadership – Sonia McDonald

Sonia McDonald is a dynamic speaker and world expert on leadership and strategy and neuroscience of leadership. Book her to speak at your event.

Sonia McDonald helps leaders and entrepreneurs rock it!

Leaders who inspire peak performance are in demand.

Do you rock as a leader?

Does your leadership team rock?

If not, you need Sonia McDonald.

Sonia has created awesome leaders within some of Australia’s best-known organisations.

She will help you, too.

Who does Sonia work with?

As an individual, she will help you to find your specific leadership skills and polish them so you can become the leader you want to be. 

As an organisation, she’ll help you uncover leadership talent you didn’t know existed, and develop it into a strong and positive influence within your business.

As an event or conference, she will inspire your group to reach new levels and capabilities of thinking and change.

Why Sonia?

Speaker! Leader! Coach! Entrepreneur!

Sonia builds a world of great leaders where everyone rocks it, whatever role they are in. As an internationally recognised expert in leadership, Sonia will help you improve your leadership skills, and boost the capability of your leadership team.

Named as one of Richtopia’s TOP 250 Powerful Women across the Globe, Sonia is an engaging speaker who inspires as she educates.

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How you can work with Sonia.


Dynamic! Engaging! Inspiring!
Sonia is an inspiring speaker who rocks the room as she delivers enjoyable and informative sessions filled with practical application.


Developing Compelling Leaders.
The key to becoming an amazing leader is to know what makes you rock. Sonia helps leaders and potential leaders grow from good to great.


A Passion for Leadership
Sonia has a knack for sharing leadership insights in an easy-to-read and entertaining way. She’s a recognised expert on leadership and has been published internationally.


Sonia partners with organisations to give them the competitive edge through strategic leadership training and development choices.

  • The course helped me to properly reflect on my purpose, passions, strengths and leadership style, giving me the confidence and motivation to be better.

    Carly Faragher
  • "Sonia combines three major assets: bucket loads of passion for her clearly defined purpose; a thorough grounding in the principles of leadership and neuroscience; and an engaging personal style which makes her an adaptable and engaging presenter in front of any audience.  Presenting at the recent LeadX event Sonia had the audience captured with her energy, dance moves and compelling story telling, leaving all attendees empowered to surround themselves with the right people and confident to take risks to learn and lead."

    Rachel Kerr General Manager (Northern Region) REVELIAN
  • Sonia McDonald is a powerful and captivating speaker that knows how to light an emotional fire under her audience. She speaks entirely from the heart, from her unique perspective, in a playful and adventurous manner, daring you to challenge yourself and push beyond the boundaries of what you thought possible.

    Leonie Neville
  • Sonia McDonald is an inspirational keynote and workshop presenter with a distinctive ability to bond and engage with her audiences. Sonia is well known for her dynamic charismatic workshop/presentation style and people walk away on an emotional and inspired high, feeling informed.

    Tony Wiggins HR architect and AHRI Convenor
  • Sonia has been speaking at the AHRI events and conferences for many years. Her workshops and presentations are always insightful, engaging and empowering. She is generous and inspiring with her audiences and focuses on bringing out the best in her participants.

    Corinne Butler State President, AHRI
  • Sonia leadership coaching has been instrumental in helping me to focus on what's really important in being a great Leader. The investment in her coaching has paid dividends in enhancing my own personal productivity and leadership.

    Alastair Dawson Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor and  Vice President  (International & Services)
  • “Sonia has been instrumental in developing my transition from Manager into Leader. Her support, encouragement and tailored methods for coaching are invaluable along with her energetic passion for bringing out the best in people makes for an enjoyable coaching experience.”

    Cindy Thomas
  • “Let’s be honest there are a lot of books on leadership and I’ve read most of them - but, Sonia McDonald has written one that is so fresh, energetic and thought provoking that I loved every page. Sonia asks the big questions, the little questions and everything in between in such an authentic and honest way. Seriously, any leader who didn’t learn a great deal about themselves and how they lead their teams from reading this book should probably rethink their chosen career.”

    Andrew Griffiths International Bestselling Business Author, Global Speaker and Media Commentator. 
  • “Sonia’s book brings refreshing clarity to many of the questions around what makes an effective leader. It’s the kind of book that can and should be referred to time and again, providing practical, well-researched tips and tools based on Sonia’s own extensive knowledge and experiences. It’s a perfect read for when you need a reality check on what it takes to be a good leader. Great for that plane trip too – when you need a refresher on all things leadership! ”

    Samantha Kennerley CEO, youngcare
  • “Sonia’s practical approach to leadership is honest and refreshing. A truly inspiring book for today’s leaders!”

    Paul Miles CEO, BUSY At Work