Sonia McDonald

Building a World of Courageous Leaders

Leadership Advisor

Have you ever imagined a world of courageous and great leaders?
Imagine the potential! Imagine the journeys!
How do you achieve this? You engage the expertise of one of Australia’s leading advisors.

Sonia McDonald – Leadership Advisor

Sonia is the founder and Managing Director of Leadership HQ and McDonald Inc. Sonia has a wealth of experience working on-on-one with emerging leaders, women in business, SME’s right through to CEOs of multi-national organisations and start up enterprises.

Sonia is passionate about building courageous leaders, great leaders. Authentic leaders who are resilient and deliver with impact. Leaders who thrive in the uncertain world we live in today.

Using a performance-based approach and a customised mix of in-office workshops and leader advisory services, Sonia enables businesses to elevate their brand position, transform cultures and sustainably change behaviours across organisations.

Working with businesses of all sizes, Sonia forges united and loyal teams across divisions. Working with emerging leaders, Sonia cultivates pioneering leaders based on strategic foundations that deliver a mindset of sustainable change and success. Taking your good leaders and making them great leaders.

Sonia has been recognised by as one of the top 250 most influential women across the globe and top 100 entrepreneurs across Australia by Richtopia for her work in this space.

For the transformation she drives. For the sustainable change she has driven in businesses.

In today’s world of constant change and confusion, empower your team to be courageous and resilient. Mentor your emerging leaders to set them up for success.

Contact Sonia today for a customised strategy for your business and if you are looking at taking that seat at the leadership table.

International keynote Speaker

Sonia has been a keynote speaker for over a decade and has delivered presentations to a thousands of people all over the world. Renowned for her candid rhetoric, personable insights and fierce business acumen, her presentations and books have transformed how people worldwide conduct themselves as leaders.

Sonia relishes every event that collectively effect a positive mindset for change and growth. 

Award-winning author

With her third book close to completion, Sonia understands the importance of distilling inspiration and cold hard facts into a few digestible pages. Entertaining and irreverent, you will find a methodology that takes you courageously to the next step of your career or journey.

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