Top Tips for Managing Resilience

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As technology and the world advance, workplaces find themselves up against an almost constant stream of challenges, whether in the form of workplace bullying, the restructuring of organisations, micro-managing, ridiculously large workloads and having no support from leaders or the rest of the team. Workplaces also liaise and work more with companies in other countries, […]

Does Your Team Need Some Resilience?

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In the past few years, we have been delivering more and more Team Alignment and Leadership Workshops. I am hearing the same stories and experiences across all these teams – the need to align, collaborate, lead, innovate and keep moving forward in being a stronger and resilient team. As technology and the world advance, workplaces […]

6 Tips for Not Being a Superhero

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6 Tips for Not Being a Superhero This is a daily conversation when I meet with people. You are a superhero and I don’t know how you do it and how you juggle everything. Do you feel like this? We are not super-hero’s as we are all human. Many of us are super-human’s during this […]

Trust to Improve Performance

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What’s the secret to improving your teams’ motivation and performance? You’ve probably asked yourself this plenty of times when measures that you’ve put in place haven’t been as effective as you’d hoped. You have great incentives in place for your team, you’ve streamlined your processes and procedures to make things as efficient as possible, but […]

Neuroscience of Faking It

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One of the hottest catchphrases these days is the term, “faking it until you make it.” Despite its popularity, some people believe the saying is all about being an imposter. That couldn’t be further from the truth. “Faking it until you make it,” is not about trying to bluff your way through a situation for […]

Women’s Leadership Brain – What do you think?

Why is it that we have so few female leaders? What is it that holds us back from reaching the same levels as our male leaders? We’ve had our first female Prime Minister, for heaven’s sake.  Surely things should have changed by now?  But they have not. Sheryl Sandberg, in her TEDTalk, quoted some statistics […]

What is your brain doing to you?

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Did you miss your target? Perhaps you blew the presentation you so badly wanted to excel at. You’re saying to yourself, “I just couldn’t focus” or “My mind wasn’t in the game.” You’re right. Your mind was not helping you but probably not in the way you mean. You know we all have a conscious […]

Using Brainpower in Marketing

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The best and the worst thing about Marketing is that evolves so fast. Today you are on the right track, tomorrow there is some new and better marketing tool to use and yours is already obsolete. However, the great news is that staying on top of the new methods and applying them in your ongoing […]

The science of morality and why trust is all in your head

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Paul J. Zak, author of The Moral Molecule and neuroeconomist at Claremont Graduate University, discovered that we all possess a trust molecule – a molecule that is affects our morals and judgements. It is called Oxytocin and it is a hormone which helps us bond with people, and a neurotransmitter which carries signals within the […]

The Best Leaders Put Others First

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Within some corporate structures, the leader is at the top of the pyramid, on higher rung than others, without peer. The financial bottom line can make these structures appear successful and model-worthy at first, but their profit is gained at the expense of the well being of everyone else who makes up the organisation. Typically, […]