Women Platinum Series brings together some of the top female executives from companies around Australia to work together with an advisor to gain strategic insights into all aspects of leadership.  Women Platinum Series is a guidance and mentoring process which is conducted in confidence, and members of competing companies will not be part of the same groups.

The Women Platinum Series provides leaders with the opportunity to access continuous learning at a professional level. Members gain new ideas, tools and skills to become leaders who are committed to lifelong learning and development.

This Program Includes

Free access to the LeadershipHQ Platinum Resource Centre

Small group learning experiences

Women Platinum Series Facebook and LinkedIn Member only groups

Online Collaboration

Tailored Executive Coaching

Meetings every 2 months


How Women Platinum Series Works

Women Platinum Series is designed to cover everything you need to learn so you can perform to the top of your ability.


Members of  Women Platinum Series meet every 2 months for 2.5 hours in small groups. Held in a forum format and led by your Advisor, you have the chance to discuss challenges and opportunities you encounter as a female executive.
Each meeting is carefully structured to cover three vital developmental components.

At each meeting you will hear from leadership experts, often including your Advisor, on topics related to Australian and global leadership trends and issues. They will help you understand the current situation, prepare for future change and equip you with new leadership tools and strategies.  This highly interactive learning component is designed to give you added skills for your role, and show you how to apply them.

The topics will be influenced by the needs and preferences of the group but may cover such areas as:
» Becoming a CEO
» Playing to your strengths
» Building your leadership confidence
» Controlling your brain

Business Focus Forum:
Once a year, your business will become the focus of a forum as your fellow executives
discuss your current situation. They will pool their professional brainpower to share their advice and experiences to help guide you forward. The combination of practical experience and professional knowledge makes your peers a powerful source of support and inspiration.  Their advice is practical and unbiased, their perspective is new and they won’t allow you to avoid the tough questions.

Roundtable Review:
At each meeting we offer members the chance to seek input from their peers. The meetings allow you to tap into the experience, ideas and opinions of your peers via a peer review.  Carefully facilitated by your Advisor, the floor is yours as you ask for help or feedback on your issues of concern.  Apart from gaining help, one of the biggest benefits of the review is establishing a connection with peers who have the right knowledge and experience to assist in an ongoing way.

Tailored executive coaching

Twice a year, you will spend 30-45 minutes working on a one-to-one basis with your Advisor either face-to-face or via phone or Skype. This coaching session is specifically tailored to meet your needs and help you achieve your development and leadership goals. You may focus on areas in which you need help or choose to polish up your existing strengths. This is your time so you are free to ask for the exact help you need.

Women Platinum Series Facebook and LinkedIn Member only groups

As members of Women Platinum Series, you automatically become members of the private groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. Because these are restricted to members only, you can bring your confidential discussions online and seek help or offer your guidance to any member in need. You don’t need to wait for the bi-monthly meeting. You have regular and ongoing contact waiting for you on both platforms.

Success and Significance Retreat (additional cost)

Once a year, you have the opportunity to join your group for a retreat. Held off-site, the retreat will focus on the theme of Success, Significance and Balance. Members who attend will experience personal and professional breakthroughs.

Free access to the LeadershipHQ Platinum Resource Centre worth $149

You will have exclusive access to our online Leadership Resource Centre – filled with tools, articles, podcasts, videos and our LeadershipHQ Magazine! All part of the Women Platinum Series Membership!

Why Join Women Platinum Series?

In addition to the exciting components mentioned so far, one of the biggest benefits of joining Women Platinum Series is the establishment and nurturing of a network of supportive female executives just like you. The female instinct to collaborate and lead collectively means your network will extend beyond the meeting place and out into the real world. You have support, encouragement and power working with you with every step you take in your life and career.

What is my investment with Women Platinum Series?

Invest in yourself and your future by becoming a member of Women Platinum Series. The cost is minimal compared to the return on your investment, at only $197 per month or $1997 per year plus GST.


To find out more about Women Platinum Series or to join, contact Sonia and her team at www.soniamcdonald.com.au or email [email protected]