Why Your Business Isn’t as Gender Inclusive as You Think

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‘’How gender inclusive is your business?’’ ‘’It’s very inclusive. About 50% of our employees are women. We have a new policy which encourages female recruitment.’’ ‘’That’s great! How many women do you have on your board?’’ ‘’Oh. One.’’ ‘’And how many female execs do you have?’’ ‘’Umm…one.’’ ‘’OK. What about your senior leadership team? What […]

10 Key Revelations from the Diversity Debates

Bill Shorten's Speech

Leadership HQ’s recent Diversity Debates Dinners in Sydney and Melbourne were exciting and thought-provoking. The panel of speakers included Laurice Temple, Amanda Rose, Nicola Mills and Fiona Vines, Chris Lamb, Barry Borzillo, Neil Dalrymple and Peter Birtles. These high profile CEOs and industry experts were able to share their observations and experiences in the diversity […]