Weekly Insights on Building Kinder and Braver Leadership

Weekly Leadership Insights Is it now week 4 of our new norm? This week I finally got myself into some sort of routine after the shock and yes grief of what has happened in the past few weeks. It took longer than I thought to adjust to the self-isolation and social distancing plus all the […]

It’s the Courageous Leader that will build the Strongest Teams

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Courageous Leader is a role that many may take on but have not been armed with the proper tools and resources to lead effectively and in a way that gains the results you need. If you are struggling with high staff turnover and a demotivated workforce, perhaps a different approach is required. You are finding […]

Thoughts on Bill Shorten’s Speech and his Leadership?

Bill Shorten's Speech

While facing any loss isn’t pleasant, when you’re a courageous leader you have to remember that how you react is important, because everyone who follows you is looking to you for guidance during the tough times. An example of what not to do as a leader facing defeat is the speech Bill Shorten (former opposition […]

6 Tips for Starting 2019 with a Great Mindset

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Are you ready to rock 2019? If your answer was anything other than a very enthusiastic ‘Yes!’, then you need to read on for our six tips for starting the new year with a great mindset. When you have your state of mind sorted, you’ll be preparing yourself for a fantastic new year in leadership! […]

You Need to Read This

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“Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage.” ―  Brene Brown, Have you ever felt overwhelmed or you have lost that belief in yourself? Unsure if the path you are taking is the right one? Lacking confidence ? Not happy in your career or business? I have been feeling like this recently myself. I can’t believe […]

Feeling Overwhelmed? Me Too.

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Deep breath. Ever heard of the plumber who can’t fix his or her own pipes. That’s me! I coach in this space and hear about feeling overwhelmed every day from my clients then it struck me. I am in the same vortex. Literally today I woke up did some journaling, wrote my goals, visualised my week, […]

Top 5 reasons why you need an executive coach

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You’ve built your business or career up through sheer hard work, focus, and grit. But is that enough to keep your business or career on track for growing success? Are you a reactive manager, making just-in-time decisions? Not sure if your business strategy is right? Or don’t even have a business or career strategy. Then find […]



I remember going for an interview for a Senior Human Resources role here in Brisbane with a major government department. I was really excited as well as being rather nervous. I thought the interview went great. The CEO was really innovative and dynamic and we got along brilliantly. Then the search consultant called me to […]

The carrot or the stick?

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For decades organisations have focused on the power of reward and punishment as a way to get their people moving in the right direction.  You’ve probably seen it in action. The rewards: “If you meet the deadline I’ll let shout you lunch,” “Get this done by 2 o’clock and you can knock off early” or “If you do […]

Succeeding as the Underdog

One concern that holds most new or small business owners back is the worry that they won’t be able to hold their ground against the competition in the market. This is a valid concern, as we know that the majority of businesses fail within the first two to five years. Just because you are the […]