How to have Courageous Conversations

How to have Courageous Conversations How to have Courageous Conversations. Difficult people do exist at work.  Difficult people come in every variety and no workplace is without them.  How difficult you find that person to deal with depends on your self-esteem, your self-confidence and your professional courage.  Dealing with difficult people is easier when the […]

Talent Wins Games, but Teamwork and Intelligence Win Championships.

How engaged and motivated is your team? Do you understand their personality types, what drives them and how they operate under pressure? Leadership capability is stretched even more with remote team working! As a leader of a remote team, you need to know if your “wheels are spinning” or you have engaged everyone with their […]

Unveiling The Value of Kindness in Dealing with Narcissists

The Transformational Power of Kindness What value do you place on kindness? In some workplaces, it can be considered a sign of weakness! Also, considering the range of personality types and behaviours that we come across it can be considered that there is no room for kindness by some, for example within narcissists. This is […]

Strategies To Confront and Conquer Goal Shame

Have you achieved your Goals? Just sit with this statement for a moment and see what comes up! Possible thoughts could be, I haven’t achieved my goal and I am inadequate and unworthy of the goals I’ve set. Or, I am afraid to share my goals for fear of judgment. It’s important to understand your […]

What working from home can teach us about Leadership?

Remote working is a challenge for leadership! As a leader of a remote team, how did you respond in a Zoom call with a team member being interrupted by barking dogs, children somersaulting in the background? Did you reschedule the call, hand over to someone else, or understood, empathised and engaged at a human level […]

Communication Secrets That Foster Trust and Teamwork

Remote team working is here to stay! And, a number of challenges exist in remote team management such as interruption to work/home life, loneliness and technology glitches, however one of the biggest challenges is ensuring you have effective communications. To overcome this, new ways of working must be established through trust and shared commitment supported […]

The Coach Connection: Why Everyone Should Have a Coach

Unlock Your Potential: The Coach’s Secret By far the best investment in my career and business were my coaches. Why? There are so many reasons, however having a trusted advisor who is dedicated to empowering, helping and supporting you to be the best version of you is such a gift and a must have today. […]

Secrets To Building Trust and Becoming a Successful Leader

Trust is a very powerful word and there are many examples of trust in action! The bushfire crisis has highlighted incredible examples of community support and caring for each other: the Australian spirit coming to the forefront during a crisis built on a foundation of trust. Also, new levels of trust emerged with managing remote […]

Conquer Imposter Syndrome and Stop Faking It

“People think that successful people don’t feel like frauds. The opposite is more likely to be true.” —MIKE CANNON-BROOKES, CEO OF ATLASSIAN This is from my book Just Rock It! I wrote this book for my teenage daughter and everyone else out there is needs a little courage and kindness to see their inner greatness. […]

Rule #1 Leadership isn’t Easy

Rule #1 Leadership isn’t Easy Being a leader is so much harder than it looks. It’s not easy however it’s definitely worth it. This is why I am today so passionate about advising entrepreneurs, SME’s and leaders. I didn’t realise how important leadership was until I started working in a space where I was teaching […]