Tips for Employees When Manager Can’t Lead Remotely

What do we do if we are being lead by someone who can’t lead remotely or virtually effectively? They say people leave their managers not their jobs. However, during times like these it is challenging to leave either. We have all worked with bad managers and when we work with a great manager – we […]

Leadership is an Attitude

Tall Poppy Syndrome - leadership attitude

Attitude, not aptitude determines altitude Zig Ziglar A few months ago I was speaking about Leadership and Confidence to 200 University students. It was one of the best days I have had this year. What struck me was not only their commitment to being there, listening and really being involved in the presentation, but their […]

We Lead Our World

I remember taking a leap of faith in myself and focusing on my passion, purpose – and what made me different! I owned that difference to start LeadershipHQ. It took courage, passion, determination and guts to do this. To not try and compete or be like anyone else. To be just me. Just different. And […]