How to Harness the Power of Being a Great Coach

How to Harness the Power of Being a Great Coach The definition of ‘a coach’ or ‘a leader’ is never the same for everyone. Why? Because we see their roles in our everyday lives differently. For some, a coach might mean someone who trains a team of people in a particular sport. Others see coaches […]

5 Habits of Bad Leaders + Infographic + Free Plan

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Is Bad Leaders impacting you, your team and your business? Almost all of us have worked under a leader who, to put it simply, wasn’t very good at leading. When you’re dealing with a leader like this, what are the effects of their bad leadership on their team and organization? Poor leadership ultimately impacts the […]

Emotional Health for Success

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Getting our team the resources that they need to meet their goals and objectives and perform at a high level is a key focus of many leaders. Looking out for our team members, and their well-being, isn’t just good for them, it’s good for us, and our companies.  However, being a leader isn’t just about high performance and […]

What would you do differently?

When I reflect on my childhood and what I wanted to be when I grew up – it was a “Teacher”. I had this passion for helping others grow and learn. When I actually told my teachers at school; that I wanted to be like them; they said Don’t do it! When you are little, […]

Welcome to LeadershipHQ

Happy New Year! I have to say I am so excited about 2011. Don’t ask me why…maybe because I know this year is destined for great things for you, Leadership and me in the 21st Century. Firstly, thank you for taking your precious time out to read my first blog post! I have been thinking […]

Talent and the Brain – it Grows!

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The War for Talent. Something of a buzz phrase for many years and a phrase that will be around for some time yet. Globally, we are still figuring out how to find, engage and retain great talent in the market. Why does it seem so hard? Let me give you some insights into how to […]

Organisational culture and its effect on business performance

Organizational culture is more often than not something which is unplanned. It develops over time as a reflection of the way managers and teams learn to do things.  It reflects behaviors, routines, and standards that have come to be seen as preferred. As organizations grow the culture starts to change and often not for the […]

Neuroscience of Leadership

Understanding the brain in terms of leadership effectiveness has been one of the most powerful learnings I have encountered in my work, role and with my teams. The focus of the workshop was on learning and memory, how the brain responds to change, lifting employee engagement and creativity, collaboration and finally a favourite of mine […]

Exploring Role, Authority and Power

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Having spent the last week on my development and growth, it struck me why I have been attracted to 2 very different but interrelated workshops on either side of Australia. As a facilitator, teacher and coach to many leaders, it is vital and necessary to also step back and take time to do my own […]