Resilience and Self Esteem

There is a little bit of a misconception in the corporate world that those who appear more confident can handle just about anything. Let me share something with you. I have had my fair share of knocks, challenges, let downs, failures and – at times it is hard to get back up. But I always […]

Qualities of Highly Successful People

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Success is something that all of us wish to attain. But if it were so easy, everyone who wanted it would have it – it’s relative elusiveness is what makes it special. It’s exclusive to a handful of people who did extraordinary things in their lives to get them to where they are today. And […]

5 Tips To Boost Your Productivity

Friday rolls around quite quickly when you are busy but there is a difference between being busy and being productive. Holding a leadership position is difficult enough, but if you fail to dot the I’s and cross the T’s, then it becomes even more challenging. Neuroscience has shown us a lot about how the brain […]

What Makes an Inspiring Leader

It’s so much easier to achieve our goals, in both our personal and professional life, when we are able to inspire others to help us. Being a leader that is able to motivate and encourage others is not something that happens accidentally. There are key traits which most inspiring leaders share. Cultivating these traits will […]

Top Tips for Building Your Brand Identity

If you think you can get away without clear branding today, you need to think again. In the legal profession, it’s becoming more and more important to build a clear brand identity. Your brand is what sets you apart from others in the industry and, importantly, what connects you to your potential client. When it’s […]

Confidence – it’s so HOT right now

Confidence is a critical ability that one must possess if they are going to achieve anything in life, whether it is being an effective leader or merely trying to ask a special someone out on a date. Confidence goes a long way with people because it shows that you are bold and willing to go […]

Board Leadership: Part 1

The ability of to oversee and govern your organisation, define its values, mission, and goals, and also create its culture, comes down to your board’s relative strength. Building a strong board is a difficult task for CEOs, board Chairs, and allied board members, but it is more important than ever. Over the past several years, […]

5 Reasons Even Execs Need Coaching

Reaching the executive level on the totem pole in business doesn’t mean you should stop the pursuit of greater knowledge and skills to support you in your role. We can all benefit from additional knowledge and executives are no different. What is the benefit to executive level coaching? The benefits for coaching are multi-faceted. Some […]

Amplify: Making women leaders heard

I recently read an interesting article from Quartz which discussed a communication technique adopted by women at the White House to make themselves heard. Politics has long been a man’s game so it’s no wonder that women are outnumbered in the White House, particularly as the President’s Aides. Quartz makes the point that women are […]