Take Charge in Shaping the Future of Work

Become a Leader for the Future of Work At this point in time, we are facing huge issues globally – a fragile economy, pandemic and business recovery and the need to reinvent work, to name a few. Brilliant, courageous leadership is required now to reimagine the nature of our work, understand the way we engage with […]

Top 5 reasons why you need a business coach

strategic leadership course - Business Leadership

You’ve built your business up through sheer hard work, focus and money. But is that enough to keep your business on track for growing success? Are you a reactive business manager, making just-in-time decisions? Not sure if your business strategy is right? Or don’t even have a business strategy? You are not alone. Many people […]

My Absolute Favourite Books!

It comes to no surprise I just love to read. People are always asking me what book I am reading, what books can I recommend, what is your favourite book and why. So I was reflecting on this just now and thought I would share my absolute favourite and must reads – with the handy […]

How Extraordinary Leaders Double Profits

The level of ability that we display in each of our key leadership skills, as well as our actual leadership style, truly does matter. In fact, if you are content with just being a good, or average, leader, and haven’t taken the steps necessary to reach the next level to become a great or exceptional […]