Having a Life While Still Being a Great Leader

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It’s illustrated constantly in media and everyday life: the worker who gets ahead and rises to the top is the one who eats, breathes and lives their work. They don’t take holidays, like Mark Cuban, the billionaire who didn’t go on a vacation for seven years. They’re on their phones, checking and responding to emails […]

Leadership balance: there’s more to it than you think

Life is full of conflicting priorities, or at least modern life is. We want it all, we expect it all, and the world around us also expects us to be it all. Or that’s how it seems. We often talk about leadership balance in terms of work life and home life. But there’s more to leadership balance than […]

Gender Diversity – Why We Need Men Involved

Although things are slowly starting to change, women are still not represented in any great numbers in management and leadership positions. The top roles are still dominated by men. Despite evidence showing that gender balanced organisations are more successful, change isn’t happening as quickly as it should. One of the reasons for the slow change […]