“First Comes Courage” Shines Spotlight on the Power of Leading with Courage

Cutting edge entrepreneur, CEO and author Sonia McDonald is on a mission to shake up the leadership space Cutting edge entrepreneur, businesswoman and courageous leader Sonia McDonald is on a mission to shake up the leadership space and help leaders get their mojo back post-pandemic, with her new book “First Comes Courage.” In her recently […]

3 Ways to Get a Great Mindset

LeadershipHQ - Confident Leader - Leadership Attitude

It is mid-year and how is your mindset? The year seems to be passing us by. I have been doing a lot of coaching focusing on ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts), and I wanted to share 3 helpful ways to get a great mindset with you! I use these tips myself because even I have ANTs […]

Mark Bouris Show – Lessons Learnt

Mark Bouris Show

I am brave and courageous. I am and I need to be. I am a leader and entrepreneur. Yesterday I really put myself out there. I arrived at the Mark Bouris Show in Sydney to pitch some ideas around my company LeadershipHQ, building a tribe and Leadership Magazine idea (help Jackie Frank!). Let’s just say I […]

Put yourself out there!

Leadership Coaching Program - basic leadership course

Let’s ignore the Tall Poppy Syndrome shall we? “If people are trying to bring you down it only means that you are above them.” I love this quote; doesn’t mean I feel like I am above anyone. However; I am over something. Have you heard of this thing called Tall Poppy Syndrome? Well, I refuse […]

Art of Not Giving a Crap

Organizational Leadership Course

How would it feel not to give a crap? This week I spoke with Jane Hall on Talking Lifestyle Radio about Why Not Giving a Crap Can Change Your World. Yes not giving a Crap. It is more challenging than you think. Where do I start? I feel maybe the book is a good place […]