Courageous Conversations Here on Sonia’s blog, she shares tips, tricks, and insight into the world of courageous leadership. These resources help you navigate the ever-evolving space of leadership, guiding you into a world of kind, courageous leaders. Our Latest Books

12 Rules of Kindness

You can be strong as a Leader and always be kind. You can be courageous as a Leader and show fear. Leadership isn’t a role or title, it is a choice, attitude and action. Enjoy my 12 Rules of Kindness and practice everyday. 1. Always put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Before you react,…


Award-Winning AuthorWith her third book close to completion, Sonia understands the importance of distilling inspiration and cold hard facts into a few digestible pages. Entertaining and irreverent, you will find a methodology that takes you courageously to the next step of your career or journey.


The Leadership Planner – Online

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