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95% of our Alumni say working with us is the single largest contributor to their success in their careers and businesses.

LHQ have coached and trained 100’s of people in our Leadership Collective, and 95% of them have achieved:


More confidence!

Greatly improved skills and capability!

Belief in themselves!

Unlocked potential!

Clarity of their purpose and who they really are!

Leadership excellence!

Growth in Career and Business!

We use proven methods (backed by science!) to give you the highest impact training and coaching possible, to set you up for SUCCESS.

So if you want to achieve greatness, inspire, motivate, and learn how to lead yourself and others, then it’s time for YOU to make a change and join now. YOU have the potential for greatness – let us help you unlock it! 

PLUS so much more…

“I’m sitting here thinking about what has happened since taking up this program. The fact is Sonia’s words keep running around my head. This is going to be scary but you have to stop settling. I’ve had enormous A-ha moments since that call. Keep thinking about possibilities by the end. Thank you” JO

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  • Introduction Call and Focus Session with Sonia McDonald
  • Access to Online Leadership Academy (Valued at $697)
  • Access to Online Resource Centre (Valued at $97)
  • Renowned Leadership Collective Program - 12 modules, articles, videos, tools, inspirational and more (Valued at $1997)
  • The Leadership Table - Exclusive Monthly 3 hour Workshops and Discussion Tables facilitated by Sonia McDonald (Valued at $2997)
  • 2 x Exclusive Leadership Mentoring Sessions with LHQ Team (Valued at $997)
  • Business and Brand Exposure on Social Media and Leaders Hub Magazine (Valued at $1997)
  • Welcome pack with Sonia's Books and Journal (Valued at $97)
  • Monthly Masterclasses 3 Free Tickets Free Tickets to ALL Events
  • 10 X Monthly Live Webinars by CEO Sonia McDonald 45 Minutes and Recorded
  • Exclusive Invitations to Events
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Performance Development Plans and Tools
  • Weekly Blog
  • Monthly Podcasts by Sonia McDonald with Guest Speakers
  • Weekly Motivation and Accountability
  • Access to Private Facebook and LinkedIn Groups
  • Free Access to all LHQ and Partner Events
  • Member's Price to work with Sonia and LHQ One on One
  • Career & Business Connections & Referrals
  • Leaders Hub Magazine Interview & Subscription (Valued at $997)
  • Motivational and Leadership Books sent directly to You (Valued at $197)
  • Leadership or Business 360 & 30 Minute Debrief (Valued at $997) <
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How The Program Works.

With 25 years working in the Leadership industry, Sonia and her team have coached people around the world to help them succeed as leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs by reaching their full potential.

They are about Performance, Confidence, Courage, Leverage, Connection, and Leadership. They have helped 1000’s of clients to boost their business revenues, build their brands (personal and business), grow their leadership and business strategies, increase their confidence, grow their awareness, connect to the right people and build the right skills.

They will make you thrive.

The membership and program will bring you awareness by asking key critical questions with a focus on vision, strategy, leverage, purpose, passions, and talents. These are the key parts that most people need to focus on, but they are often the parts we either can’t objectively see within ourselves or forget to actively monitor even when we can.

They know leadership and people can build better businesses and careers when they start by focusing on themselves and what they truly want – with a clear plan and robust strategy.

This is where the magic happens.

Lead by CEO & founder Sonia McDonald, her work has been so successful that she’s been recognised as one of the Top 100 Australian Entrepreneurs and Top 250 Influential Women Globally.

The Leadership Collective will empower and inspire you with tools, tips, and techniques to achieve greatness.

 Results and Outcomes:

  • One HR Executive achieved her dream job!
  • Another Construction Leader got a great promotion!
  • A Not for Profit Manager completely changed his life

This is WHY you need to join TODAY:

Sonia completely rewired my internal voice. She encouraged and cultivated a deep and clear understanding of my own strengths and emotions, and opened my eyes on how these affected my everyday life. She helped me recalibrate my own personal values, and be proud of what I stand for. She helped me interpret my professional relationships, and gave endless and invaluable advice on how these could be made stronger. She is always a voice of calm and reason when the world seems to be exactly the opposite, and I would encourage anyone to spend some time with her.



  • Leadership and Brand Action Plan
  • Free Resources and Articles
  • Free Resource Centre (Value $99)
  • Podcasts & Videos
  • Ebooks – sent to you for FREE
  • Special Member’s Price to our latest Books & Programs
  • Weekly Actions and Inspirational Emails and Actions
  • Access to a Global Community
  • Special Member’s Price to our Events and Program
  • Leaders Hub Magazine for 12 Months


IGNITE MEMBERSHIP. ONLY $90 per month for 12 months or $990 upfront

  • Monthly Live 45 Minute Webinars
  • Online Leadership Collective Program
  • Leadership and Brand Action Plan
  • Free Resources and Articles
  • Podcasts & Videos
  • Special Member’s Price to Sonia’s latest Books
  • Weekly Actions and Inspirational Emails
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Access to a Global Community
  • Special Member’s Price to our Events and Programs
  • Access to amazing Mentors & Guest Speakers
  • Leaders Hub Magazine



  • Monthly Live 45 Minute Webinars
  • Online Leadership Collective Program
  • Leadership and Brand Action Plan
  • Online Resource Centre
  • Free Resources and Articles
  • Podcasts & Videos
  • Ebooks – sent to you for FREE
  • Special Member’s Price to Sonia’s latest Books
  • Weekly Actions and Inspirational Emails
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Access to a Global Community
  • Special Member’s Price to our Events and Programs
  • Access to amazing Mentors & Guest Speakers
  • Leaders Hub Magazine for 12 Months
  • Leaders Hub Magazine Profile and Interview
  • Sonia’s Books sent to you
  • Connections and Referrals
  • Helpdesk – access via email
  • A seat at the Monthly 3 Hour Leadership TABLE! (Brisbane)
    • Rest of Australia SOON*


Sign up TODAY! Starting from Only $19 plus GST a month

For years, we have provided leadership and executive coaching in-house for businesses across the globe for many different industries. We love to work with individuals to help them discover themselves and reveal their greatest talents and dreams. That’s what we find most rewarding.

People choose to work with us because of our extensive experience in leadership, and our proven results over the last 10 years. CEO & founder Sonia McDonald is the author of two leadership books, Leadership Attitude and Just Rock It! and has been published in The Australian, HRD Magazine, Business Insider, and many more.  Sonia is a sought-after Keynote Speaker at global events and conferences, and editor of Leaders Hub Magazine. This is why she leads the program! Our blogs are listed in the Top 50 and 100 Leadership Blogs Globally for Leaders, CEO & Managers.

Our programs are also known for their empowering, driven and inspiring coaching style. We know how to get the best out of people and get results!

If you want to become a more inspiring or confident leader or entrepreneur, get that amazing mindset and achieve your dreams and goals or build a career in leadership, and you would love to work with us.

Read the Terms and Conditions HERE.

* 30 Day Money Back Guarantee*

This is what you can expect from The Leadership Collective.

I had the great pleasure of engaging with Sonia in an executive leadership session and found her amazing to work with. She has a wealth of practical experience in the field, but is also very adept at relating to you as an individual in your context. Her insights and wisdom challenged me to think deeply about myself and the matters at hand, and helped me to see things in a clear and empowered way. Her positive attitude and great sense of fun were contagious. Highly recommended!

Stuart Pendlebury Schools Ministry Director at Scripture Union NSW

Sonia supported me in gaining some great personal and professional insights that have helped in my professional development. More importantly I still carry those insights with me, especially when dealing with difficult situations (both at home and at work) and I don’t hesitate to go back to some of our notes when I am in need of a refresher.

Kristelle Gentil Environmental Manager at CPB Contractors

Sonia has been instrumental in developing my transition from Manager into Leader. Her support, encouragement and tailored methods for coaching are invaluable along with her energetic passion for bringing out the best in people makes for an enjoyable coaching experience.

Cindy Thomas Community Relations Manager at LendLease.

I have been personally grateful for my opportunity for coaching with Sonia, at a time of transition from being technical engineer through to operational leader in the role of Project Manager. Sonia’s work has been transformational and inspiring for my situation, and introduced me to the value of leadership both in my work environment, but also in my personal life; opening new doors within myself that I will keep open forever.

Adrian F. Engineering Manager at Seymour Whyte Group

I started the executive coaching program because I knew that to grow as a leader, I needed a great coach and a mentor. I knew that Sonia would be the right person to assist me on my journey after hearing her speak about her own personal journey at conference in Brisbane. Since starting my coaching program with Sonia, I haven’t looked back. Sonia is a true leader. She will absolutely push you out of your comfort zone to achieve your goals. She is authentic, genuine and a fantastic listener. Her deep subject matter knowledge in leadership, wealth of experience, wisdom and personal network will absolutely assist you in transforming your personal and professional life. If you were every thinking of working with a coach or mentor, now is the perfect time. Don’t wait.

James Hedges

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