Building stronger businesses and organisations by developing their leaders and teams.

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Sonia McDonald, your facilitator and driver for great business, leadership and teams.

Sonia McDonald partners with individuals, teams, businesses and organisations to help discover and leverage their greatness through Strategy, Communication, Culture and Connection.


Great companies deserve great leaders and teams.

When your leadership teams are struggling, it affects the entire organisation. You might think that what goes on behind closed doors is secret, but it’s not. When your leadership team is dysfunctional, it causes a ripple effect that impacts everyone. For instance,
– Poor decisions are made or, even worse, no decision is made at all.
– Your leaders may not trust each other, that can lead to micromanagement.
– Gossip and rumours can spread.
– Staff turnover increases as morale drops.
– Sales decrease and there is often a rise in customer complaints.

The worst thing about the situation is that you connected to the problem. You’re in there, living the dysfunctionality every day, and you’re so close to the drama that you can’t see a way out. And even if you could, who would listen to you? The other team members stopped listening to each other ages ago.

Does any of this sound familiar? In dollar terms, what is this costing your business?

Sonia McDonald offers professional assistance to struggling executives, businesses and leadership teams, restoring their focus and putting your organisation back on the path to profit.

She is all about building high-performance teams and businesses.

As an experienced leader, Sonia can facilitate meetings, help teams cope with growth, build great strategies and change management issues, and guide your people as they develop their leadership capacity.

With a background that covers deep facilitation, business strategy, human resources, international business, change management and leadership development, Sonia brings the experience and technical expertise that may be missing from within your team. Sonia has proven to be innovative and inspiring in her approach.

She has proven strategic decision making and team leadership capabilities.

Would you like to know how to –

Call her today to get your team back on the same page and working in the right direction.

  • Become an exciting and charismatic leader
  • Build confident, inclusive and cohesive teams that work cooperatively to achieve their common goals
  • Inspire commitment and engagement within your teams so you can significantly improve your business results
  • Create a positive learning and leadership culture in your business or organisation so you can be at the forefront of your industry

Sonia McDonald helps organisations and businesses realise their full potential. She helps build strong organisations and teams by leveraging their strategy, culture, and purpose.

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Change the frame, you change the game.

– Sonia McDonald

For over 25 years, Sonia has worked in the field of leadership and strategy, studying the neuroscience behind leadership and how that understanding can be applied to build stronger leaders and stronger organisations.

Sonia knows that business success is closely tied to the quality of your culture, leaders, and teams, so that is her key focus.

She has assisted and worked with some of Australia’s top companies and businesses to produce capable and confident leaders and cultures, and ultimately boosted their profitability.

As your leadership advisor, Sonia will stimulate your leadership and organisational evolution through her independent advice, innate wisdom and sharing her wealth of experience.

Sonia McDonald Keynote & International Speaker

“Sonia has enabled me to see my full potential, as not only a great leader, but a leader who is great! She has helped me by setting goals, providing informative information to me, and always being there when I need her expert help. Entertaining, informative and most importantly relevant, plenty of information to take away and refer to as well. I will be using everything that I have learnt to build the best team on the next project.”

Finance and Administration Manager, Thiess

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