Executive Platinum

Are you a Manager ready to take the next step into an

Executive Leadership role?

Looking for that EDGE? Are you ready for CHANGE and

Personal Growth?

This Is the Year You Can Achieve Your Full Executive

Leadership & Business Potential.

Discover how to transform yourself from capable to outstanding!
Take the NEXT step in your career or business!
If you want to be the BEST LEADER you can be or bridge the GAP to your goal of being a CEO, this program is for you! It’s already clear that you are a talented Manager, or you would not have come this far. But if you wake each morning feeling that something is missing or that you’re capable of much more than you’re giving, it is time to reassess where you’re at.

You see, it’s probably not about learning new skills or buying new tools to help you perform better. You’re past that stage. Cookie-cutter training courses are not the answer.

No, this is all about YOU.

You’re ready to start working on yourself. It’s what is going on inside you that holds the key to your personal happiness and career success. It’s time to invest in your own development.

As a leader, that can be easier said than done. After all, who do you speak to? The leadership role can be lonely when you need some help.

That’s where an executive coach proves truly valuable.

Your coach is your sounding board, your inspiration and your guide to achieving full potential.

You deserve to reach your full potential.

I’m Sonia McDonald, CEO of LeadershipHQ and executive coach to leaders, entrepreneurs, and CEOs who have the commitment and drive to be the best leaders they can be. It is my role to help you discover and reach your full potential.

It’s my job to help you be the best you can be, and I do that through my

One on One Executive Platinum Coaching Program.

There are limited places available in the One on One Executive Platinum Coaching Program.

This is YOUR year, and this is the first step towards fulfilling your leadership potential.