For more than 10 years, Sonia has studied the neuroscience of leadership and how it can help people become the leader they want to be. She has taken this knowledge and used it as the basis of her personal and group coaching sessions with the rationale that once people understand how their mind works, they have greater control over it. This allows leaders and potential leaders to unlock the skills and abilities they did not know they had, and discover how to use them to achieve excellence.

  • “Sonia has been instrumental in developing my transition from Manager into Leader. Her support, encouragement and tailored methods for coaching are invaluable along with her energetic passion for bringing out the best in people makes for an enjoyable coaching experience.” 

    Cindy Thomas

Executive Platinum

Sonia McDonald Leadership Coach

Sonia McDonald
Leadership Coach

Sonia is a fully accredited coach and has recently created a powerful coaching program called Accelerator One on One Coaching. This is a twelve-month program open to anyone with leadership potential and who is willing to explore their own capacity. The program has limited spaces available so Sonia can work closely with each individual and focus in on his or her special needs.

Be challenged; be supported

When you work with Sonia, you can expect to be challenged and supported. You will learn to look inside yourself, to understand your thoughts and actions. You will learn that there are different forms of leadership and find the one that best fits your skills and beliefs. You will learn how to work with people to build a solid relationship that ultimately translates into significant increases at the bottom line. You will develop leadership skills that can be applied in any situation, formal or informal, to achieve a goal.

With her engaging and enthusiastic personality, Sonia’s coaching style is energetic and inspiring. She helps leaders to identify their purpose, discover their strengths, acknowledge their weaknesses, build effective relationships with team members, learn to lead via inspiration rather than directive and to make the right choices for themselves, their teams and the organisation.

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