15 Everyday Acts of Courage: Real-Life Examples of Bravery

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15 Everyday Acts of Courage There are so many different types and ways to be courageous. My favourite story is one of a young lady who was battling severe anxiety and depression due to bullying at school. She left school at 14 and spent time in and out of hospital for three years. One evening […]

9 Tips for Feeling Less Overwhelmed and Exhausted

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9 Tips for Feeling Less Overwhelmed and Exhausted It’s that time of year. My clients are feeling it, my team are counting down the days and I am feeling rather exhausted. No matter what our personal or professional lives involve, feeling overwhelmed and exhausted happens to each and every one of us at many points in […]

The carrot or the stick?

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For decades organisations have focused on the power of reward and punishment as a way to get their people moving in the right direction.  You’ve probably seen it in action. The rewards: “If you meet the deadline I’ll let shout you lunch,” “Get this done by 2 o’clock and you can knock off early” or “If you do […]

How business is changing in the modern world

The way business works in the modern world is constantly changing, innovating and adapting, and not just because of technology and all the opportunities that brings, although this has been a key driver that has impacted all areas. If you consider a business or organisation of the 50’s or 60’s for example, versus one now, […]

Groups on Linkedin

Okay, okay, I am a huge fan of Linkedin and some would say a bit of a super user. I even train professionals nationally on how to get the best out of Linkedin. If you want some tips – check out my blog on 20 ways to use Linkedin. I have attached a great little […]