Top HR Trends for 2019

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Eric Swenson, leadership and workforce strategist and author of The Five A’s of Great Employees and Managing People in the 21st Century hosted a webinar for Ascentis.com that provided insights into what he believes will be Human Resources’s top trends in 2019, and how to face the changing world of Human Resources. Technology continuing to increase As businesses try […]

What To Never Say To Your Boss

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How to speak and work with your boss whilst still being a great leader – here is my favourite story and tips. I remember years ago when my boss asked me if I knew much about Leadership and whether I could coach and teach people on engineering and construction sites about Leadership. I totally faked […]

Feeling Overwhelmed? Me Too.

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Deep breath. Ever heard of the plumber who can’t fix his or her own pipes. That’s me! I coach in this space and hear about feeling overwhelmed every day from my clients then it struck me. I am in the same vortex. Literally today I woke up did some journaling, wrote my goals, visualised my week, […]

Focus on what makes you rock

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(every freakin’ minute, every day) Self-confidence is your best outfit: rock it and own it Only YOU matter. Focus on your talents, strengths, what you love, your passions, goals, dreams… Life is way too short not to focus on you. You rock for a reason. Hone in on your talents and strengths; only focus on […]

3 Tips for Being an Authentic Leader

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Anyone can ‘lead’ if their idea of being a leader is old-fashioned and involves them saying one thing and doing another, and bossing everyone around! Authentic leaders are those who are trusted and keep an open and honest atmosphere while ROCKING IT. They inspire and motivate their team every day! Leaders don’t have titles or […]

Top Companies are Still Lacking Women in Top Leadership

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I’m all about helping people, especially women, reach their full potential as authentic leaders – as you’ve probably noticed by now! It’s a subject close to my heart, and when I saw that there are only 14 women chief executives at the helm of the top 200 companies, and 24 women CFOs, it gave me […]

Women Make Excellent Investors and Entrepreneurs

Times have changed, with women in some sectors now equalling the earning power of their male counterparts. But there is still a perception that proper money management and entrepreneurship is the domain of men, and the perception that women seeking the wisest path in investing in the future should hand their financial affairs over to […]

Recruiting with your whole brain…

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In any business, you are only as good as your team, so recruiting staff is one of the most important activities and requires time, research and diligence. One of the common recruiting mistakes is hiring in your own image, or ‘mirror hiring’. It’s human nature to be drawn to people who we feel familiar and […]

Driving Real Gender Equality and Inclusiveness in the Workforce

Women make up 45.9% of the Australian workforce according to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency but do they have the same representation across all levels of management? The answer to that is quite obviously no, and for some companies this just isn’t good enough. Gender equality is more than a tokenistic attitude towards the role of women […]

Strategies to Build a Pipeline to Leadership Gender Equality (Free Ebooks!

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We know about the glass ceiling, and how that is or was, considered a barrier to women achieving their career and leadership goals, but what else is blocking the pipeline to female leadership? It’s easy to blame breaks in employment due to having children and going on maternity leave, but these pauses don’t need to […]