The Coach Connection: Why Everyone Should Have a Coach

Unlock Your Potential: The Coach’s Secret By far the best investment in my career and business were my coaches. Why? There are so many reasons, however having a trusted advisor who is dedicated to empowering, helping and supporting you to be the best version of you is such a gift and a must have today. […]

Learn From the World’s Youngest Prime Minister

*image credit Wikimedia Commons We follow Leadership in politics across the globe and we love that Sanna Marin is not only the world’s youngest government leader; last year, at 34 years old, she was also elected as Finland’s Prime Minister. So, what can we learn from her? She leads Finland’s biggest party, the Social Democrats. […]

15 Everyday Acts of Courage: Real-Life Examples of Bravery

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15 Everyday Acts of Courage There are so many different types and ways to be courageous. My favourite story is one of a young lady who was battling severe anxiety and depression due to bullying at school. She left school at 14 and spent time in and out of hospital for three years. One evening […]

7 Laws of Courage

Small Business Leadership - Laws of Courageous Leadership

You know I talk about courage a lot, and with good reason – courage is what helps us take those chances and make those leaps to become better, stronger leaders (and people!) who truly make a difference! My ‘7 Laws’ blogs have been really popular with you all, so I thought I’d make courage the […]

Weak Company Culture is Behind the Decline in Employee Loyalty

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A new report released by TINY pulse, The 2019 Employee Engagement Report: The End of Employee Loyalty, shares the results of a poll of 25,000 employees from 20 different industries – there’s been a 20% increase in the number of workers who said they would leave their current job for a small pay increase, and […]

We’re All in This Together

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Yesterday I was the Keynote Speaker for one of my favorite keynotes and workshops around Leadership Attitude. Even though the theme was Balance for Better, I focused for Balance is Better for all of us; together regardless on race, gender, age and so forth and to appreciate the uniqueness and talents of us all. Leadership […]

Top HR Trends for 2019

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Eric Swenson, leadership and workforce strategist and author of The Five A’s of Great Employees and Managing People in the 21st Century hosted a webinar for Ascentis.com that provided insights into what he believes will be Human Resources’s top trends in 2019, and how to face the changing world of Human Resources. Technology continuing to increase As businesses try […]

What To Never Say To Your Boss

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How to speak and work with your boss whilst still being a great leader – here is my favourite story and tips. I remember years ago when my boss asked me if I knew much about Leadership and whether I could coach and teach people on engineering and construction sites about Leadership. I totally faked […]

Feeling Overwhelmed? Me Too.

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Deep breath. Ever heard of the plumber who can’t fix his or her own pipes. That’s me! I coach in this space and hear about feeling overwhelmed every day from my clients then it struck me. I am in the same vortex. Literally today I woke up did some journaling, wrote my goals, visualised my week, […]

Focus on what makes you rock

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(every freakin’ minute, every day) Self-confidence is your best outfit: rock it and own it Only YOU matter. Focus on your talents, strengths, what you love, your passions, goals, dreams… Life is way too short not to focus on you. You rock for a reason. Hone in on your talents and strengths; only focus on […]