Why You Need to Have the Courage to be Kind to Yourself

We only have one life and we are more amazing than we give ourselves credit for. Why are we not being kind to ourselves? Valuing those around you – appreciating the things they do for you, the things they say, who they are as a person – is often much easier than valuing yourself. Many […]

Bravery VS Courage: 6 Types Of Courage To Know

Leadership is about the courage to inspire others to be more, do more, learn more and dream more. Leadership is about legacy. My mission is to inspire as many people across the globe to have more courage in leadership roles and lives. Have you ever wanted to be courageous? You may think that only some […]

Standing on the Edge of the Great Glass Cliff

When I was forging my career in the 1990s, I often heard the term glass ceiling used to describe the unfortunate phenomena that seemed to be stopping women from making it to the top. The term glass ceiling was first used in the 1980s. It became a powerful symbolic idea that explained the invisible barrier that held […]

How to Practise Self-Kindness and Love Yourself For Real


Is time passing by quickly? How do you spend your time? Is your time spent with self-kindness and love or beating yourself up? How-to-love-yourself advice is everywhere these days. Step into your favourite local gift shop, and you’ll likely find self-love candles topped with rose quartz, affirmation card decks, and pillows embossed with Tony Robbins […]

Women Aren’t Investing In Their Development And It Is Hurting Them

As an executive coach, keynote speaker, and leadership crusader, I deliver scores of leadership workshops, keynotes, and coaching each year, helping women in particular build more success and growth in their careers, leadership and lives. In the sixteen years I have been crusading this space and where I have offered these types of programs, I’ve been genuinely shocked […]

Our Matildas show leadership on the pitch

It has been nothing short of remarkable to see the Matildas, our national women’s soccer team, participate in the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Their historic efforts kept them in the competition all the way to the semi-finals, the best result for any Australian soccer team ever. The nation was there with the team when they […]

How to Engage and Motivate Your Team – Must Read

10 Ways To Engage Your Team And (More Importantly) Keep Them Engaged! “My Model For Business Is The Beatles. They Were Four Guys Who Kept Each Other’s Kind Of Negative Tendencies In Check. They Balanced Each Other And The Total Was Greater Than The Sum Of The Parts. That’s How I See Business: Great Things […]

Here Are 6 Ways To Start Your Week Off Brilliantly

Do you struggle with Monday’s? Are you thinking about and/or planning for your week ahead? If you are like more people, you can find that start of the week can make feel a little overwhelmed and anxious about the week ahead. As a leadership coach, one of the main things I work on with leaders is […]

12 Rules of Courage

I think we have a Courageous Leadership problem. I recently an article Demystifying Courageous Leadership where it talks about how we live in an era of distortion, not disruption or transformation but distortion. Look at how we are reacting and leading through the coronavirus and the toilet paper debacle. We lead today in a world where there […]

Leading with Confidence: Overcoming Anxiety as a Successful Woman in Leadership

Are you a successful woman in leadership struggling with anxiety? You’re not alone.   Anxiety is a pervasive issue in the workplace, and it’s especially prevalent among women in leadership positions. According to a study conducted by the American Institute of Stress, 80% of workers report feeling stressed while on the job, and nearly half of […]