I Failed as a Mother

*Please note that some of the content in this blog could be confronting. If this impacts you, please seek help (see below, as this is critical) or contact my team at LeadershipHQ. I had failed my daughter. Why? Because I had expectations about what I felt she should be or needed to live a good […]

Are You A Success Addict?

I am vulnerable here and don’t know where to start. I have been listening to an audiobook called From Strength to Strength by Arthur Brooks, and a chapter spoke to me: Being Special vs. Happy and Being a Successful Addict. Yes, this was me. It was big time! I also needed to be kind to […]

How Women Can Change the World

Women need to support other women. Full stop. Stop being a self-centered “you know what” and start celebrating and supporting other women. We will only change the world by having more women at the table and being in business through our courage and community – and women supporting women! Hear me roar! Share below what YOU […]

What Are Your Greatest F*ck Ups?

I have greatly f*cked in my life. Haven’t we all? F*ck up’s can also be a fantastic opportunity for growth and change. I wanted to share where I have f*cked up, what I would do differently and what I would say to my younger self. What about you? Here are some of my greatest mistakes […]

What’s Love Got To Do With It?


You are your greatest asset. It is about leadership and love when I think about my life, who I can be, what I want to stand for, and why I want to make a difference. Yes, love is a big word, and you might think of love as romantic love; however, love is also about […]

Leadership & Menopause


I wasn’t prepared for this—menopause. Recently, I saw my doctor, and I have been feeling irritable and exhausted. I can’t lose weight and have constant brain fog. I can’t sleep either and seem to lose motivation for my work. What is happening, I thought to myself. Then my team dared to tell me they worried […]

The Good Girl Syndrome

good girl syndrome

This is me (well, this was, and maybe sometimes, it still is)! How about you? The Good Girl. I remember when I was younger and being asked by my parents to stay the “good girl” often. I feared speaking up or taking risks in case I wasn’t a good girl. Today, I embrace the courageous […]

What does Courage and Humankind have to do with IWD?

I can’t sleep. I haven’t slept for a few weeks since being asked to speak at several IWD events this week. Why? I have been reading, researching, and developing my keynote, and I have cried and felt disappointed, downright angry, excited, and hopeful. I can’t stop thinking about it. Then, I changed my focus. Courage. WE […]

How We Can Close The Gap

This week, I delivered a women in leadership program, one of my favourites. Why? Having a group of outstanding women in a room sharing, learning, and growing is beyond humbling. In turn, they all have a voice. The vulnerability and courage I see and hear in the room are remarkable. They are my most transformational programs […]

Leadership Boundaries and the “No” Word


I wonder if this relates to you? Are boundaries an issue? Do you dislike saying NO? I used to be freakin awful at boundaries. A people pleaser and approval seeking – big time! Over the years I learnt that leadership isn’t a popularity contest and NO is such a great and powerful word. Today boundaries […]