Kindness at Work To Revolutionize Your Work Environment

By Sonia McDonald CEO & founder LeadershipHQ & McDonald Inc., Author and Keynote Speaker. When you think of traditional office culture, there are many things that are given importance above being kind. In fact, kindness isn’t even on the radar a lot of the time. Being competitive, confident (almost to the point of being arrogant), […]

Celebrating Kind and Courageous Leadership

When I look at leadership today, it concerns me. It concerns my team, my daughter, my peers and those I care about. At times we can get despondent about leadership and who we see leading our companies, communities and countries especially in the media. In turn, we still see and hear stories of poor leadership, […]

9 Tips for Feeling Less Overwhelmed and Exhausted

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9 Tips for Feeling Less Overwhelmed and Exhausted It’s that time of year. My clients are feeling it, my team are counting down the days and I am feeling rather exhausted. No matter what our personal or professional lives involve, feeling overwhelmed and exhausted happens to each and every one of us at many points in […]

Art of Not Giving a Crap in 2018

How would it feel not to give a crap? This week I spoke with Jane Hall on Talking Lifetyle Radio about Why Not Giving a Crap Can Change Your World. Yes not giving a Crap. It is more challenging than you think. Where do I start. I feel maybe the book is a good place […]

Keeping our Workmates Safe…!

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What would be your last word? Recently, I spoke at a breakfast in front of 12 leaders as well as on a Rail Project in front of 140 staff in Brisbane on Keeping our Workmates safe and understanding safety and the brain. We all learnt some powerful insights into how our brains function and how […]

Top Tips for Building Your Brand Identity

If you think you can get away without clear branding today, you need to think again. In the legal profession, it’s becoming more and more important to build a clear brand identity. Your brand is what sets you apart from others in the industry and, importantly, what connects you to your potential client. When it’s […]