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The Leadership Planner – Online $9.99

$49.99 $9.99

Online Leadership Planner! 144 Pages of AMAZING Content Stacks of Motivation and Inspiration Three Months of Daily Tasks and Goal Setting Plus MORE! Did you know most people don't have a plan or way of keeping track of their tasks, goals, and leadership? If you find yourself setting work-related goals but not keeping on track of them... If you want to be the best leader you can be but lack direction... If you want to get the right attitude and mindset to achieve your career and leadership goals... Then the Leadership Planner is for YOU with clear goals, commitment, and direction you need in your leadership! Leadership is not a role or a title; it’s a mindset and an attitude. This planner will help you kickstart the year so that you can unleash the leader within and reach new heights in your role and career! You’ll be inspired and motivated to make it happen in your career and your leadership in 2022 and beyond. Download our amazing Leadership Planner with 144 pages of amazing content, reflections, planning, motivation, and goals. A MUST HAVE Leadership Planner. Sonia McDonald, CEO, and founder of LeadershipHQ and McDonald Inc. is the Author of this incredible journal and has worked with 1000s of people to help them reach their leadership and career goals! Sonia is a successful author, leadership coach, and advisor, keynote speaker and thought leader. She has also been named in the Top 250 Influential Women Across the Globe and is extremely passionate about all things leadership.