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Leadership Attitude $28 (Soft Cover)


If your attitude says that you are a leader then you will behave like a leader. It’s as simple as that. Sonia McDonald has worked with leaders from all walks of life and understands better than anyone that being confident and owning who you are is extremely important. The greatest gift you can give yourself and others as a leader is being yourself. There's a leader inside all of us, yet often we can't see it. Instead we settle for a quiet life on the sidelines. To become a leader who motivates, influences, and inspires others to succeed you need to find that inner leader. You need to develop a LEADERSHIP ATTITUDE. This book offers you insight into your own leadership style and will help you:
  • Play to your strengths
  • Find your tribe
  • Reach out to a mentor
  • Empower others to lead
  • Become the leader you want to be… so you find and share meaning and significance.