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JUST ROCK IT! $40 (Hard Cover)


Sonia McDonald is tired of watching individuals bully each other. She’s also sick of people minimising their potential. In her work, women and men all over the world have said to her, “I wish I felt more confident,” and “I know what I want for my life but I’m holding myself back.” In this book, Sonia urges you to stop. Stop the excuses! Step up with gusto, envision your life in full colour, with soaring soundtrack, and go farther than you ever dreamed. Here, you will find simple strategies, wisdom and boundless encouragement to help you break through fear and doubt to create the unwavering sense of self you yearn for, so you achieve those BIG visions pulling at you.
Confidence is the sexiest outfit you can wear. – Blake Lively
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: As the CEO of LeadershipHQ, Sonia McDonald is an inspirational keynote speaker, and one of Australia’s leading executive leadership coaches and facilitators. She holds a business degree in human resources and psychology, as well as a diploma in neuroscience, and has worked internationally to develop leaders and office culture in a diverse range of industries. Sonia is also the author of Leadership Attitude – How Mindset and Action Can Change Your World: she is based in Brisbane, Australia, and works internationally.