Expert Advisory Help for Struggling Boards and Leadership Teams

Great companies deserve great leaders and great boards.

When your Board of Directors or your leadership team is struggling, it affects the entire organisation. You might think that what goes on behind closed doors is secret, but it’s not. When your leadership team is dysfunctional, it causes ripples that impact everyone.

  • Poor decisions are made or, even worse, no decision is made at all.
  • The Board and CEO may not trust each other, which leads to micromanagement by the board.
  • Gossip and rumour spreads.
  • Staff turnover increases as morale drops.
  • Sales start to drop and there is a rise in customer complaints.

The worst thing about the situation is that you are part of the problem. You’re in there, living the dysfunctionality every day, and you’re so close to the drama that you can’t see a way out. And even if you could, who would listen to you?  The members stopped listening to each other ages ago.

Does any of this sound familiar? In dollar terms, what is it costing your business?

Sonia McDonald offers professional assistance to struggling boards and leadership teams, restoring their focus and putting your organisation back on the path to profit.

As an advisor or non-executive director, Sonia is able to facilitate meetings, help boards cope with growth and change management issues, and guide directors as they develop their leadership capacity.

With a background that covers Human Resources, international business, change management and leadership development, Sonia brings the experience and technical expertise that may be missing from within your team. Sonia has proven to be innovative and inspiring in her approach. She has proven strategic decision making and crisis management capabilities.

Whether it’s the day-to-day operations of the team, the development of internal processes or even succession planning, Sonia brings added value through her incisive contributions.

When you need an expert consultant to help facilitate board or team meetings or help with board or team leadership, talk to Sonia about how she can help.