Do Not Let Your Job Define Your Self-Worth

Recently I received a setback in my business and I took it so personally. Then it hit me, I am getting my self-worth from my work and this can be dangerous. I was losing my identity. The business which I created over 16 years ago had become central to my self-worth. No job or business […]

95-Year-Old Advice, Legacy, and What Do You Really Want?

In a coaching session this week, a leader asked me for advice. It is always tough being a coach as we can’t give all the answers however it is up to us to ask questions to help our clients come up with the answers themselves. In saying that, I do give answers and insights too. […]

Intersection between Intelligence and Kindness

Go figure kindness and intelligence are interrelated! Yep. What do you think? Share how you will show kindness this week and we will send you a code for a free leadership planner! According to Alexandra Blogier’s article, kindness is the simple trait of people with high intelligence. This idea, attributed to Russian author Leo Tolstoy, […]

Regret, Love of My Life, and a Jigsaw

I have this divine vintage jigsaw. I want to send it to the love of my life with a letter telling him just how I still feel. However, today, I decided I needed to keep it. Why? What would you do after reading this story? I don’t believe in a life of regrets and beating […]

Neuroscience & Affirmations

Yes, I have affirmations on my bathroom mirror. I love affirmations. Why? I’ll share some neuroscience and affirmation secrets with you. I would not share this with too many people, as they might get wind of your incredible vibe and confidence! Or if you do share this, imagine the affirmations ripple effect you will have. […]

Authenticity or Self-Worth? What’s more important?

I have been waving the authenticity and vulnerability flag for a long time. Why? They are fundamental in life, as are courage and leadership. It wasn’t until I realised that self-worth is equally important, if not more. What do you think? Today, when I speak on stage or deliver our leadership programs, we inspire others […]

The Sandwich Generation and Regrets of the Dying

Over the weekend, I asked myself, “How did I get here?”. Where did time go? It flies. I had to visit my incredibly ill mother in hospital over the weekend, and it was so tough; completely awful. Over the past few years, in particular, seeing my parent’s health decline whilst bringing up a child has […]

Courage, Leadership and Overcoming Anxiety

A significant amount of research has been conducted on gender diversity in leadership. We know that women are grossly under-represented in numerous industries with leadership cohorts. Women are underrepresented in key decision-making roles across almost all industries in the Australian workforce; women comprise only: This underrepresentation has made us passionate about providing development opportunities designed specifically […]

Australia’s Worst Leaders – My New Netflix Show

Leadership Skills

Would you watch a show called Australia’s Worst Leaders? Something like Gordon Ramsey’s Horrible Hotels or Kitchen Nightmares. You have no idea how much I would love to work with teams and organisations with horrible bosses and terrible leaders and turn them around to be brilliant bosses and legendary leaders! Netflix, we are onto this—watch […]