Sonia McDonald, writer and author on leadership development

Sonia McDonald

is a published author

on the topic of leadership

development, neuroscience

of leadership and how to rock it!

The Accidental Entrepreneur rocking the leadership world.


If your attitude says that you are a leader then you will behave like a leader. It’s as simple as that.

Sonia McDonald has worked with leaders from all walks of life and understands better than anyone that being confident and owning who you are is extremely important. The greatest gift you can give yourself and others as a leader is being yourself.

Sonia is an acknowledged expert in the field of leadership. She has been published in The Australian, Smart Healthy Women, BBC Capital, Business Insider, HRD Magazine, Women’s Business Media and many more online and offline publications.

Her blog at LeadershipHQ was named as one of the Best 50 Leadership Blog Sites in 2015 and 2016.

Sonia is also the respected author of many eBooks and white papers as well as her renowned LeadershipHQ Magazine which is taking Australia by storm! Her latest edition has over 40 pages of amazing leadership, diversity and innovative insights and tools and contributors included CEO’s, Authors and Thought Leaders from across the globe!

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Sonia’s latest eBook, “Neuroscience of Leadership” is now available on Amazon, where it reached the top sellers list in its division.

Her recent whitepaper publication, The Leadership key: Reinvigorating the Disengaged Workforce, has been downloaded across the globe!

Sonia’s writing is characterised by the short, sharp bursts of information which are always supported by science, and presented in an easy to read way.

Look out for Sonia’s next publication, due out shortly.

It’s time to JUST ROCK IT!

In this book, Sonia urges you to stop. Stop the excuses! Step up with gusto, envision your life in full colour, with soaring soundtrack, and go farther than you ever dreamed.

Here, you will find simple strategies, wisdom and boundless encouragement to help you break through fear and doubt to create the unwavering sense of self you yearn for, so you achieve those BIG visions pulling at you.

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