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Leadership is not a role or title. It is how you think, feel and see yourself and how you act as a leader.


If your attitude says that you are a leader then you will behave like a leader. It’s as simple as that.

Sonia McDonald has worked with leaders from all walks of life and understands better than anyone that being confident and owning who you are is extremely important. The greatest gift you can give yourself and others as a leader is being yourself.


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Sonia McDonald, Founder of LeadershipHQ and LeadershipHQ Magazine, shares her wisdom and knowledge on the subject of leadership. In Leadership Attitude, she covers such topics as coaching, mentoring, learning, passion, emotional intelligence and branding.

Recently named in the Top 250 Influential Women across the Globe by Richtopia, her passion is to build a world where we all see ourselves as leaders. She is committed to working with organisations, teams and leaders in building their leadership capability and mindset.

  • “Think you can’t be a leader? Think again.  Sonia McDonald uses some amazingly powerful and personal stories that will help you connect with what it means to be a leader.  You don’t have to be in a position of leadership to lead but you do need the right attitude.  Sonia and her book can help you with that.”

    Anthony Campbell Director, Coach, Mentor. Campbell Leadership Solutions
  • “Sonia’s practical approach to leadership is honest and refreshing. A truly inspiring book for today’s leaders!”

    Paul Miles CEO, BUSY At Work
  • “Sonia’s book brings refreshing clarity to many of the questions around what makes an effective leader. It’s the kind of book that can and should be referred to time and again, providing practical, well-researched tips and tools based on Sonia’s own extensive knowledge and experiences. It’s a perfect read for when you need a reality check on what it takes to be a good leader. Great for that plane trip too – when you need a refresher on all things leadership! ”

    Samantha Kennerley CEO, youngcare
  • “Let’s be honest there are a lot of books on leadership and I’ve read most of them - but, Sonia McDonald has written one that is so fresh, energetic and thought provoking that I loved every page. Sonia asks the big questions, the little questions and everything in between in such an authentic and honest way. Seriously, any leader who didn’t learn a great deal about themselves and how they lead their teams from reading this book should probably rethink their chosen career.”

    Andrew Griffiths International Bestselling Business Author, Global Speaker and Media Commentator.