For the last 10 years, Sonia has worked in the field of leadership, studying the neuroscience behind leadership and how that understanding can be applied to build stronger leaders and stronger organisations.

As CEO of LeadershipHQ, Sonia has partnered with some of our largest organisations and smallest businesses, giving them the competitive edge in the marketplace through strategic leadership training and development choices. She also works with individuals to help them discover their own unique leadership talents.

As an accredited coach, speaker, author, and advisor, Sonia has smoothed the path of change in many workplaces and helped them thrive as they evolve. With over 25 years experience in human resources, leadership, engagement, people and culture, business strategy and culture change; Sonia is the perfect advisor for your organisation or board to truly make a difference in people and leadership strategy.

Sonia has become Australia’s expert on leadership development, particularly for emerging leaders and in encouraging and developing female leadership. She is a role model to many because of her own personal success and her expertise.


Having worked closely with boards over the last years, Sonia has developed an exceptional insight into what makes a functional and high performing Board of Directors. As an independent advisor or non-executive director, Sonia is able to facilitate meetings, help boards cope with growth and change management issues, and guide directors as they develop their leadership capacity. She brings extensive business experience along with her leadership expertise.


Sonia has a particular interest in the way women lead, drawing on their own unique aptitude for networking and forming solid working partnerships. Collective leadership and the power of connection is a solid theme running through all Sonia’s work.


Sonia has been able to guide teams and organisations towards peak performance by encouraging individuals to take personal responsibility for their results and start collectively working as leaders to achieve organisational goals. The results have been impressive.


As the founder or CEO of a start-up business, chances are you’re the entrepreneurial type.  You’re brilliant with ideas but not so great at making them happen.

Perhaps you’re awesome at getting new businesses going, but not so awesome with all the details you must be on top of to keep it alive.  You think about things like creating a business culture or developing a strategy to grow your business, and you don’t know where to start.

It’s virtually impossible to build a start-up business on your own if you want it to be successful in the long term. It’s important for you to find the right help. You need someone who understands you and how you work. Someone who is experienced in working with start-ups.  

Someone who gets it. Find out more about how Sonia can help your start-up or rapidly growing organisation.

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