Australia’s Worst Leaders – My New Netflix Show

Leadership Skills

Would you watch a show called Australia’s Worst Leaders? Something like Gordon Ramsey’s Horrible Hotels or Kitchen Nightmares. You have no idea how much I would love to work with teams and organisations with horrible bosses and terrible leaders and turn them around to be brilliant bosses and legendary leaders! Netflix, we are onto this—watch […]

The Sandwich Generation and Regrets of the Dying

Generation and Regrets

Over the weekend, I asked myself, “How did I get here?”. Where did time go? It flies. I had to visit my incredibly ill mother in hospital over the weekend, and it was so tough; completely awful. Over the past few years, in particular, seeing my parent’s health decline whilst bringing up a child has […]

Authenticity or Self-Worth? What’s more important?


I have been waving the authenticity and vulnerability flag for a long time. Why? They are fundamental in life, as are courage and leadership. It wasn’t until I realised that self-worth is equally important, if not more. What do you think? Today, when I speak on stage or deliver our leadership programs, we inspire others […]

Neuroscience & Affirmations

Neuroscience & Affirmations

Yes, I have affirmations on my bathroom mirror. I love affirmations. Why? I’ll share some neuroscience and affirmation secrets with you. I would not share this with too many people, as they might get wind of your incredible vibe and confidence! Or if you do share this, imagine the affirmations ripple effect you will have. […]