Episode 7: Empowering Leaders Through Curiosity and Connection with Vic ICT for Women CEO Mary-Beth Hosking

In this captivating episode of Leadership with Sonia, host Sonia McDonald sits down with the dynamic Chair of Vic ICT for Women, who shares her passion for technology, leadership, and continuous learning. They dive into the importance of staying curious and connected in the rapidly evolving tech industry, and how engaging with new technologies and maintaining a vast network of knowledgeable individuals can be a game-changer.

Key Highlights:

  • The power of curiosity and tinkering with new technologies.
  • Leveraging a robust network for staying updated and gaining diverse perspectives.
  • The significance of being an avid learner and continuously seeking knowledge.
  • The inspiration behind writing her book, “Not Another Digital Transformation: The 10X Generation.”
  • Insights into effective leadership qualities, emphasizing empathy, active listening, and individual connections.
  • The importance of promoting individuals with leadership qualities rather than just technical expertise.
  • Personal stories of balancing professional growth with self-care and wellbeing.
  • Upcoming projects, including public speaking, advocacy for diversity and inclusion, and a potential novel.

Tune in for an inspiring conversation filled with practical advice, personal anecdotes, and a deep dive into what it takes to be a great leader in today’s tech-driven world. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, an aspiring leader, or simply curious about the intersection of technology and leadership, this episode has something for you.

Don’t miss out on Mary-Beth’s passion and wisdom – download your free chapter of her book at https://www.quantumtransformation.com.au/10xgen.