Busyness versus Leadership

You know what, I am SO over the word “busy” and it leads me to some very relevant questions: A few months ago I am racing through security at Brisbane Airport to fly interstate to deliver a keynote where taking out my laptop and placing my bags in the trays when I stopped and asked […]

Courage to Overcome the Toxic Culture

I recently had a mentor meeting with an emerging leader named Emma. Despite having only worked with her big marketing firm for a year and half, Emma’s leadership skills were recognised pretty quickly and she was encouraged to participate in our leadership development programs. Emma is so excited by the idea of leadership. She really […]

Kindness is a Superpower

kindness is my superpower

Why do we find Kindness so challenging when it is so easy. Are we so wrapped up in our own bubble or world that we forget that we are all connected and leadership is about others? It takes courage to be kind and kindness is not a weakness; it is a super power. It’s a […]

Power of Optimism for Leaders

Optimism is a “must-have” for leaders because it shows commitment and a willingness to keep working towards a goal. Optimistic leaders find it easier to gather support from others and ask for help when needed. It is one of the most contagious traits- if you are upbeat and hopeful for the future, you are sure […]