“First Comes Courage” Shines Spotlight on the Power of Leading with Courage

Cutting edge entrepreneur, CEO and author Sonia McDonald is on a mission to shake up the leadership space

Cutting edge entrepreneur, businesswoman and courageous leader Sonia McDonald is on a mission to shake up the leadership space and help leaders get their mojo back post-pandemic, with her new book “First Comes Courage.”

In her recently released book, the Founder and CEO of Leadership HQ, Outstanding Leadership Awards and McDonald Inc. explores the power of leading with courage and offers the reader great insights and tools to develop, nurture and grow courage within you and your teams.

After a forced lifestyle change in 2006 caused her to reassess her life, Sonia McDonald joined the consulting world and discovered her purpose in inspiring people to learn and grow. Her flair for leadership and strong writing talents moved her to start the LeadershipHQ blog in 2007 where it quickly became a must-read for leaders looking for a more people-centered way of learning. 

With a growing following and the desire to make an even greater impact, Sonia established the LeadershipHQ consulting business in 2008 and then McDonald Inc. in 2019. Since then, she has helped thousands of leaders through her advisory work, keynotes, coaching, workshops and presentations across the Globe.

“In First Comes Courage, you will be introduced to the courage compass which you can use to guide your teams selflessly, building them up and enabling them with the tools they need to achieve success,” Sonia said. 

“You will learn to lead through example, using the four points on the courage compass: Kindness, Impact, Purpose, Resilience This book will empower you to be spirited, confident, dauntless and selfless in all aspects of your life. 

“You can be strong as a leader and be kind. You can be courageous as a leader and be fearful. You can be a leader without the title. But first comes courage.”

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For more information or to request a copy of “First Comes Courage” please contact Sonia McDonald. 

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