Why Leadership Change NOWDAYS

Why Leadership Must Change NOW

This is NOT a dress rehearsal. We are all at a Cross Road, with the economy slowing, productivity sluggish, employment growth and consumer confidence faltering. Many economists are now predicting an extended period of slow economic growth and recovery. And, to top it off “there are significant gaps and weaknesses in Australia’s leadership change and management.”  Organisations need to adapt and adjust to this unfolding reality and YOU have an opportunity to make difference as a Leader! Its time to move beyond the façade, find a cause, develop your skills as a leader and DECIDE to make a difference. I have faith in your ability to make it happen with YOUR leadership change and business success!

“The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence – it is to act with yesterday’s logic.” – Peter Drucker

Leaders who Re-defined Leadership, Changed History

Some leaders became great because of how they persevered with a dream in spite of their circumstances, only to go on and achieve such extraordinary things that they continue to be revered long after their deaths. Others stuck by their values and protested for the rights of others, even when it jeopardized their own freedom… not to mention their lives! Some leaders are truly inspirational and well-respected because of their natural flair to innovate, empower and influence others to act in meaningful ways and ultimately change the world. The list of 10 isn’t exhaustive by any means, however it certainly contains some of the most influential leaders who have shaped the world for the better and inspired positive changes among millions, if not billions. 

Leaders must “Rethink the Art of the Possible”

A BCG 2020 article A Lot Will Change—So Must Leadership change,” shows that before the coronavirus struck, it was already clear that winning the ‘20s would require approaches to business fundamentally different from those of the past. Becoming a bionic company, one that unleashes the full potential of people and technology, was already becoming an imperative.

The COVID-19 pandemic seems only to have accelerated the need for this transformation. In order to survive, thrive, and compete successfully, companies now have only two years (or less) to get to where they might otherwise have hoped to be in five. Of the many pressing demands on leaders, transforming their companies to adopt a new, “bionic” operating model may be the most urgent and will require them to lead in new ways.

A lot will change in the world and so must they. What do leaders really need to do—what really needs to change—as they transform their companies to become bionic in the post-COVID world? We see four imperatives. Leaders must rethink the art of the possible, they must move from managing to enabling, they must harness the full power of technology, and they must translate purpose into action.

Making Leadership Relevant Now

Forbes shows the “Top 5 Leadership Development Trends For 2020” and why Leadership development programs must transform to stay relevant in the decade ahead. As we welcome 2020 and a new decade, it’s a good idea for leadership development directors to have a vision for the future of their department. We’re in the midst of a Fourth Industrial Revolution, yet over the last decade or more, most of leadership development has remained stagnant. What is trained, how it is trained, and who is trained is much the same today as it was 10 or even 20 years ago. To be relevant for the next decade, directors of leadership development have to embrace transformations in every area of training and executive education. Once only talking points, these five areas hold significant promise as they become a reality in 2020:

  • TREND 1: A Focus on Applying and Sustaining Behaviours, TREND 2: Mobile Learning for Millennial Managers, TREND 3: Group Coaching & Democratization of Leadership Development
  • TREND 4: Alignment to the Engagement Survey, TREND 5: AI Becomes Invisible

Leadership development cultivates the human capital of an organization. As we move into the 2020s, it’s an exciting time for top-to-bottom transformation of our departments. Shaped by these five trends, we can move forward with developing a clear vision for ongoing success in training and sustaining successful leaders.

Making time for Leadership when, we are too busy?

I wrote a blog a while back about being ‘too busy’ The fact of the matter is that you need to make time for your goals and that nobody is really as busy as they claim they are. We all have time we can utilise if we are serious about making changes. Leadership development is the same; you can’t be a great leader if you don’t continually develop your leadership skills. The great leaders among us are those that recognise that there is always room for improvement within themselves, and that is worth making time for. When you think you’re too busy to work on your leadership, here’s how you can make the time and further develop yourself as a leader:

  • Build Your Confidence
  • Look For Lessons You Can Relate To Leadership In What You Read Or Watch
  • Set Aside 20 Minutes Each Day For Your Development
  • Reflect On Learning Opportunities From Your Daily Interactions

If you aren’t already putting enough time into your growth, don’t stress! As long as you make the commitment today and start creating these new habits, that’s what is most important. Don’t overload yourself – pick one of these tips and start doing it today, tomorrow, and the next day. Then slowly add more in so that you’re not overwhelmed.

Build in Leadership Essentials and Lead the Change

LeadershipHQ are excited to be working with Veriskills where our Leadership Essentials Program where you are awarded for Collaboration outcomes. The Leadership Essentials Program is either a self-paced (not Veriskills) or a group and one on one leadership program which takes 6-9 months and gives participants the human capabilities, tools, skills and resources to be the best person and leader they can be. The Human Capability outcomes you will be awarded on completion of our Leadership Essentials program are as follows:

  • Initiative and Drive (Level 3)
  • Communication (Level 3)
  • Collaboration (Level 3)
  • Empathy (Level 3)

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This program and coaching will take your leadership skills to the next level!

Leadership isn’t easy and sometimes we need help. I am always here.

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