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Zoom in, Zoom out, Connect, Disconnect…….I’m over remote working and training! First option, swipe out! Outcome: career limiting! Second option: Step up and build your lead capability by being totally involved in training and online webinars for lead remotely. You have an opportunity to move into new lead territory and training is a key to success. Developing seamless approaches for your remote team in delivering training will take you in exciting new directions with a team, who will stay on your bus!

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” — Henry Ford

Laying the Groundwork

In an article “3 Ways to Approach Remote Learning” it shows that the global pandemic has caused businesses, schools and families to stop, pivot and rely on technology more than ever, as they make the rapid shift to a more virtual lifestyle. While the global workforce is adapting to this sudden shift to virtual communications and meetings, learning and development lead are re-evaluating their approach to learning and looking at ways to seamlessly bridge remote workers with online learning. With so many possibilities for online learning available, including asynchronous and synchronous training, virtual instruction, virtual training labsinformal learning and virtual meetings, it can be challenging to decide on the best options. To assist you, here are three approaches to consider as you build a virtual learning experience for your team:

  • Virtual Instructor-led Training
  • Asynchronous Learning
  • Learning Platforms

The current situation is an opportunity not only to engage remote workers and continue knowledge-sharing but to lay the groundwork for an exceptional virtual learning experience that will transform the future of work and learning.

The right blend of modalities and interactions will make remote learning engaging and effective”

Making Remote Training Work

A training industry article shows “3 Tips for Making Remote Training Sessions Work.” In an ideal world, all development training would be face to face, in person.

The trainer would have a clear sense of how the room as a whole and how each individual learner was responding to the content and be able to adjust accordingly. People would feel comfortable stopping the trainer whenever they had a question or a problem.

And the personal bond among participants, arising from everyone being in the same physical location and sharing the same experience, would make it easier for them to discuss, reinforce, master and execute best practices in the period immediately following training. The communication dynamic is fundamentally different from face-to-face training if the trainer is working in one location and the participants are somewhere else. Therefore, the trainer’s engagement strategy should also be different. Here are three approaches that have proven successful in delivering developmental training remotely:

  • Before the training, lay the foundation
  • During the training, follow through on what you did to prepare participants
  • After the training, send the playbook

LeadershipHQ has got YOU covered with Virtual Learning!

As outlined in my blog, “We do have you covered with our online learning, leadership and coaching.” The need to keep yourself and your people engaged, developing and learning is critical. My team and I at LeadershipHQ have been delivering online programs and coaching for years. Not only do we deliver cutting edge programs and coaching face to face but also online and remote. If you are looking at a seat at the table, that executive role or you lead a business – you must learn from the best in Online Leadership Development and Coaching with myself and the team at LeadershipHQ. Our Online Programs cover virtual Programs, Workshops, Masterclasses and Coaching

LeadershipHQ are also excited to be working with Veriskills where our Leadership Essentials Program where you are awarded for Collaboration outcomes. The Leadership Essentials Program is either a self-paced (not Veriskills) or a group and one on one leadership program which takes 6-9 months and gives participants the human capabilities, tools, skills and resources to be the best person and leader they can be. The Human Capability outcomes you will be awarded on completion of our Leadership Essentials program are as follows:

  • Initiative and Drive (Level 3)
  • Communication (Level 3)
  • Collaboration (Level 3)
  • Empathy (Level 3)

Click here to learn more about Veriskills™, and the Human Capability Framework.

This program and coaching will take your leadership skills to the next level!

Leadership isn’t easy and sometimes we need help. I am always here.

Get in touch today to learn more about building leadership skills with LeadershipHQ remote learning and set yourself up for success!

Stay Kind. Stay Courageous.

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