Leadership Test and Triumph Needed To Thrive

This week my leadership was absolutely tested. We were getting caught up in the panic around what is happening around the world. The team were feeling it and I found it challenging to stay focused. This is where I needed to focus on different leadership skills to lead through this challenge. This is a really important post as we all seem to be in panic around this current Coronavirus pandemic and crisis. I wish we were seeing more leadership around this to be honest. We need to be still and reflect on our words, actions and leadership. In turn, this is where our leadership is critical for our teams and organisations – focus on LEADERSHIP AND COURAGE not the Crisis.

I know it is important to keep everyone safe however sometimes I think we need to breathe and stay confident and positive. We need to remember that we also truly need Kindness, Courage and Leadership in times like this. We need to keep our leadership and courage in check and also remember we will get through this. However you see what is going on around the Globe or whatever you think about it, stay calm and be a leader. Sometimes we need more courage in times like these, we have had to put our big courage pants on and keep moving forward with new skills such as adaptability, self-control and creativity. Let’s stay positive and also help each other!

Also as a leader, you are already responsible for handling the situations that arise each day, as well as your regular duties. It’s not just everyday situations that you may face, however. It’s inevitable that you will face disasters or a crisis during your career, and you must be prepared to handle and lead them.

No matter the nature of the crisis, from a building-wide power failure to the recent public health scare, these are the four leadership skills that leaders must have in order to navigate the situation. Don’t forget KINDNESS ad COURAGE…! Below is what we are doing to be the best versions of ourselves.

Adaptability (Creativity)

Even the most well-planned events can go wrong, and sometimes they evolve into a crisis. Being able to handle these less-than-perfect situations and adapt your approach is what the best leaders do. You need to have a Plan B, and be able to quickly devise a creative Plan C (or D, or E…) if the situation requires it.

Gather input from your team to get other perspectives and collaborate on a creative solution. In times of crisis, this is what will help you to adjust and solve the problem. This is why we are now looking at ways we can support our leaders, business and teams with our online learning and programs and we are now focusing on pushing out our amazing capability to deliver training and coaching online and remotely.


Even though I was truly tested this week, I took a breathe and said to myself anfd the team we have got this. When faced with a crisis, leaders must stay calm and collected. This involves a great deal of self-control, as it’s a natural reaction for many people to panic and become frantic. With self-control, a leader can take charge, communicate clearly, and think rationally and logically to get the situation under control.

Relationship Management

Even in a crisis, the best leaders know how to manage their relationships with those around them. Assertive but friendly, they can encourage teamwork, direct people and inspire them, even in a crisis.

It takes self-control to not lose patience and start ordering people around; relationship management skills go hand in hand with self-control. Do not let a crisis get the best of you, because it can affect your relationships with your team.


Communication is critical for any leader to excel in, and it’s probably most crucial during a crisis. Timely, concise and clear communication in a calm manner helps get important information across fast when dealing with a crisis. It’s much easier to work toward the best outcome with effective communication with team members.

There’s usually no warning (or very little) before a crisis occurs, and they can take a variety of forms. A leader must be able to communicate effectively, control themselves, be creative and adaptable, and keep relationship management in mind during any situation, but especially in a crisis. In turn, remember being honest and vulnerable is key as we don’t always know the answer and we too can feel uncertain however it is important to be open, positive and honest and admit your feelings.

Have you had to lead your team during a crisis? You no doubt used these skills, even if you weren’t consciously aware of it.

If you would love to gain the skills and tools required to lead and manage a team through times like these either for yourself or for your team during this time – we have some incredible self paced and online coaching, programs and modules!

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