How Not to Lose Your Sh*t: Strategies to Stay Calm

I don’t know about you but I think we are losing our sh*t at present. I think an essential (but not desired) part of life is the feeling that you’re completely losing your shit in times like these. I don’t know about you, but I am experiencing that feeling a little more at present as […]

Have We Lost Our Ability to Be Courageous and Kind?

Last week I posted a story around experience I had at my local Coles and the lack of leadership and kindness I was seeing from Australians. Then my associate told me at work that someone working at her local Woolworths had spent the day crying and I had experienced something very similar at Woolworths myself. […]

Effective Online Leadership and Learning To Ensure Growth

Online Mentoring Program

We do have YOU covered (not with toilet paper mind you!) with our Online Leadership and Learning programs and coaching! We know with so many of you now working remotely and from home, the need to keep yourself and your people engaged, developing and learning is critical. My team and I at McDonald Inc. have […]

Leadership Test and Triumph Needed To Thrive

This week my leadership was absolutely tested. We were getting caught up in the panic around what is happening around the world. The team were feeling it and I found it challenging to stay focused. This is where I needed to focus on different leadership skills to lead through this challenge. This is a really […]

12 Rules of Courage for Success That Drive Growth

I think we have a Courageous Leadership problem. I recently an article Demystifying Courageous Leadership where it talks about how we live in an era of distortion, not disruption or transformation but distortion. Look at how we are reacting and leading through the coronavirus and the toilet paper debacle. We lead today in a world where there […]