You can be strong as a Leader and always be kind. You can be courageous as a Leader and show fear. Leadership isn’t a role or title, it is a choice, attitude and action. Enjoy my 12 Rules of Kindness and practice everyday.

1. Always put yourself in the other person’s shoes.

Before you react, consider the other person’s point of view. Why are they acting the way that they are? It will help you understand their motivations and respond in a kinder way.

2. Act selflessly, not selfishly.

Don’t trample over others to get what you want. Do the right thing and good things will come your way. People remember those who treated them with kindness.

3. Do at least one kind thing for yourself or someone else each day.

Treating yourself kindly is just as important as treating others the same way. Even if it’s as small and simple as paying for the coffee of the person behind you in line, your kind act will have a positive ripple effect.

4. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

We get taught this as children, but tend to forget it by the time we’re adults. Be kind to everyone; show them how you treat people and how you expect to be treated as well.

5. Manners cost nothing but mean everything.

A ‘thank you’ and a smile can make someone’s day, because manners are a lot rarer today than they should be. Be sure to always say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, just as you’d expect people to use manners when interacting with you.

6. Encourage others to succeed.

Sometimes we all need a push to succeed. An encouraging word can do wonders for someone’s self-belief, and help them become even more successful.

7. Celebrate wins, even if they aren’t your own.

When you’re kind, you’re happy for others’ success – and you show it. Congratulate someone on a job well done, and put more positivity out into the world.

8. Remember that even the smallest act can make a big difference.

One kind word or smile can turn someone’s whole day around. Never underestimate the power of the little things.

9. Have the courage to be kind to yourself.

It’s not always easy to show ourselves the same kindness that we show others. It takes bravery to fight off the ANTs and be nice to yourself, and it gets easier the more you do it.

10. Look after yourself first, so that you can do more for others.

Even the kindest among us can get burnt out from being kind if they don’t take time out for themselves. Invest in yourself and your happiness so that you can spread it to others.

11. Always be respectful.

Unless someone has done something drastic to lose your respect, this is a basic level of kindness that we should all employ.

12. Reach out to those who are struggling.

You don’t have to become an unofficial counsellor; simply taking the time to ask someone if they are okay is a kind act that could have a big impact.

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At McDonald Inc., we know that courageous leaders inspire courageous action. For more than 20 years our founder Sonia McDonald has been nurturing executives, businesses and leadership teams through leadership coaching, workshops and leadership programs.

We don’t just train your employees we transform them into courageous leaders. Whether you are looking to continue to develop your high performing leaders and teams or need help turning around a poor leadership culture, McDonald Inc. offers in-house programs and coaching.


To foster courageous leadership in organisations across the globe by training, mentoring and coaching emerging leaders, team leaders, managers and executives.


At McDonald Inc. we seek to foster courageous and kind leadership so that the people leave work smiling each day, in turn creating more prosperous and successful businesses.

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McDonald Inc. develops the skills, confidence, and leadership of leaders at any point in their journey as well as facilitating cultural transformation. We benefit our clients by assisting them to have higher staff retention, improved performance through teamwork and an overall more profitable bottom line.

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About the Author Sonia McDonald CEO of McDonald Inc and LHQ

Sonia McDonald believes we should lead with kindness, from the heart, doing rather than telling and is known for her mantra ‘Just lead’. She leads by example in all these areas and through her one on one practical coaching, leadership training for teams and organisations encourages others to do the same. Sonia has helped hundreds of people on their leadership journey to become the best version of themselves and in turn, inspire and bring out the best in others.

For more than 25 years, Sonia has been on the front lines of HR. She has held leadership positions worldwide and through experience, research and study come to realise what it takes to be a truly great leader.

Sonia has an ability to speak bravely and authentically about her own development as a leader, personal and career challenges in a way which resonates with her audience. She is recognised as a LinkedIn influencer and has become an in-demand keynote speaker, starts important conversations.

She is an award-winning published author and writes regularly for publications such as The Australian, HRD Magazine, Smart Healthy Women and Women’s Business Media. Sonia has become recognised for her commentary around the topic of leadership, developing work-life balance, championing the up and coming leaders of tomorrow and advocating for women in business and male-dominated industries.

Keynote Topics

Sonia will give you peace of mind when booking a speaker. She is a proven world-class professional speaker with the skills to “rock an audience”. Her energy, empathy, kindness, sensitivity, and humour will enhance any event she appears.

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