Tips on Literally Showing Kindness at Work (Or Anywhere)


Why do we find Kindness so challenging when it is so easy. Are we so wrapped up in our own bubble or world that we forget that we are all connected and leadership is about others?

It takes courage to be kind and kindness is not a weakness; it is a super power. It’s a super power in business, teams, children, life, leadership and so forth – especially for yourself.

I want you to try at least one of the below each act of kindness and everyday and see the difference it makes at work (and anywhere and everywhere for the matter). In turn, I know you will see a difference in trust, engagement, motivation, connection and performance too – which I know is important in business and life.

  1. Inclusiveness. Workplaces can be ground for unkindness and being excluded but they are also places for life changing and acts of leadership where you take notice of of people and help them feel included and welcomed. We need to embrace everyone as we are all different and unique. Being non-judgemental and inclusiveness is the keys to kindness.
  2. Praise. Notice the good in your workmates and colleagues and go the extra mile to acknowledge and praise them. Take joy in the happiness and achievements of others as you would like for yourself.
  3. Respect. Be kind and respectful to your co-workers and colleagues. Everyone matters and everyone’s time and feeling matter.

The level of our success is limited only by our imagination and no act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted. Aesop

  1. Integrity. Lead by example always and live by your values. Show courage and kindness by dismissing gossip and small talk. See yourself above such unkindness and be courageous to pursue higher conversation, thoughts and ideas.
  2. Initiative. Take initiative by offering your help and support to others without being asked. Everyone benefits from receiving support yet few of us feel comfortable asking for it. Be attentive and you will spot many valuable opportunities to offer kindness. In turn, you will find others are more readily available to support you.
  3. Connection. We can all past each other and one another in the corridor or lift without saying hello or knowing each other. We enrich our own and each other’s lives when we can enough to greet each other and ask how are going. Also get off your device! I am not perfect at this however I am getting better everyday and I am seeing a massive shift in my mindset and connections. In turn, acknowledging the efforts of others, offering genuine compliments (I do this all the time) and providing positive feedback are other ways to connect and show kindness. A more connected workplace is a happier workplace which is a more high performing workplace!
  4. Commitment. When we bring our passion and dedication to our work, we do kindness unto ourselves and others. Half-hearted work or an unmotivated attitude and effort will never change the world or our lives for the better. When you use your leadership, focus and kindness to make positive change you spread joy, no matter what you do. You will soon find and see more fulfilment, excitement and potential in your life and work.

What are your thoughts on the above? What can you start doing? How else can we show kindness at work or anywhere?

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