Adopting Kindness Lead To a Remarkable 2020

Why Adopting Kindness Is Your Ultimate Secret Weapon

Did you know Kindness will your secret weapon in 2020? If you’ve read any of my previous content, you’ll know that I preach being kind, courageous and authentic. Not just in your leadership, but in your business and life too.

I’m putting the spotlight on kindness for this blog, because it’s such a huge part of my message. You might know that one of my goals is to eradicate bullying and poor leadership in our time, and what is the opposite of being mean or aggressive? Being kind.

Even the smallest act of kindness, however insignificant you think it may be, could make someone’s day that bit brighter. Making others feel good for no reason other than to be kind is such a rewarding feeling.

The trouble is that we seem to have this idea in our society that being kind is being weak. We think to be kind means to let people walk all over us, and not challenge or voice our own ideas. Where do you think the stereotypical ‘horrible boss’ comes from? It comes from this frankly ridiculous notion that to be strong, you can’t be kind.

Kindness is the secret weapon.

Gary Vaynerchuk: Kindness is the Ultimate Strength

People should always come before business, and what better way to foster positive relationships than by simply being nice?

Having compassion and empathy for those who don’t treat you the best shows that you care about the person underneath. If you care in a genuine, selfless way, your reputation is going to soar and you’re going to be opening yourself up to more opportunities.

‘Treat the janitor like you would the CEO’ is one of my favourite sayings when it comes to respect and kindness. Because showing kindness is also showing respect. And you never know who you’re interacting with on any given day – the woman you gave your seat to on the train could be the hiring manager at the company you’re on your way to interview at.

Letting the harried-looking man ahead of you in the coffee line could open up a conversation, and help you make a valuable new connection.

What else does being kind do? It encourages your team to stick with you for the long haul. Being shown kindness and knowing they’re valued is one of the main reasons employees stick with their companies.

The Outstanding Leadership Awards 2020 are COMING!

You might see ‘successful’ people being jerks, and mistakenly think that they’re being ‘strong’. These are the worst people to emulate. Nobody wants to stick around for long when they’re working under a big old meanie, do they?

It actually takes incredible strength to be kind, especially to those who may not seem as if they deserve it. It’s the strongest of us who can be kind without expecting anything in return. Being strong enough to show kindness even in front of those who you know see it as weakness is what we should all aspire to?

Basically, we should all live by these words:

Have courage, and be kind.

–      Cinderella (2015)

Imagine how much nicer the world would be if we all thought and acted this way?

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