Celebrating Kind and Courageous Leadership

When I look at leadership today, it concerns me. It concerns my team, my daughter, my peers and those I care about. At times we can get despondent about leadership and who we see leading our companies, communities and countries especially in the media. In turn, we still see and hear stories of poor leadership, bullying and tall poppy syndrome. 

This needs to STOP especially for our youth and future generations. I know we can’t stop all the bullying, the impact of poor leadership and management and others pulling others down however we can start somewhere. We know there are so many great leaders out there. We work with them everyday and there are stories of remarkable leaders. There are businesses, people and unsung heroes who are making an impact. We are on a mission to change these examples and stories of poor leadership and share more great leadership. Our mission is to create a world of kind, courageous and inclusive leaders and leadership. I want that world for our future generations and leaders and for my daughter.

I started looking at how we acknowledge, celebrate and showcase those leaders, businesses and people. How do we celebrate those leaders who lead with great values and actions. Those leaders and people who inspire others to do more, learn more and be more. Those businesses and leaders who lead with kindness, courage and authenticity and only want the best for those around them. Those people who know that to get the best results takes diversity and inclusiveness in their businesses and embrace everyone for their uniqueness. Those leaders who get results however they know to get results and performance from their people means to practice kindness, courage, compassion and empathy.

How do we?

We saw that there are Awards and Events that celebrate success and growth but we couldn’t find a platform that celebrates great leadership and leaders who lead wth significance. Awards that showcase leaders who lead with their values and kindness or awards that acknowledge great actions and behaviours of remarkable leaders and people. One way to change the world of leadership is to bring what is truly important and critical today in leadership and acknowledge it and celebrate it. Don’t you think? Leadership is about making a difference and impact.

My dream for many years is to bring this platform of change to the forefront of Australia and the Globe and launch Awards that embrace people, businesses and leaders who are doing remarkable things and making a difference. We need to celebrate leadership differently and show the world that there are great leaders and businesses leading with kindness and courage.

It is NOW launched and we are beyond excited and humbled to bring this to everyone.

The Outstanding Leadership Awards!

We are acknowledging so please nominate those remarkable leaders –

* CEO of the Year Public and Private Sectors 

* Future Leader of the Year

* Community Leader of the Year

* Start Up Leader of the Year 

* SME Leader of the Year 

* Women in Leadership

*Men in Leadership

* Student Leader of the Year 

* Courageous Team of the Year

The story behind the Outstanding Leadership Awards are the embodiment of a dream that commenced more than 20 years ago when I began working to help organisations and individuals achieve their leadership potential. As we move into a new decade, we are taking with us a legacy of change. Leadership across the globe has been evolving rapidly over the past three years and Leadership HQ is continuing to be at the forefront of that change. To bring you these awards we are partnering with companies whose culture rewards and fosters kind and courageous leadership.

The Outstanding Leadership Awards are about championing leaders across organisations who make diversity, inclusion and kindness part of their day to day culture. They are leaders who have courageous conversations and strive to lead by example. They are leaders that make employees happy to come to work each day because they feel valued. Above all, they are the leader whose example others strive to replicate and who are changing the face of leadership.

By demonstrating and rewarding this type of leadership, we are encouraging leaders now and, in the future, to strive to epitomise these values. We welcome all nominations no matter the size or type of the business or organisation. Leadership HQ encourages you to nominate leaders you feel embody these leadership attributes each and every day.

So welcome to the 2020 Outstanding Leadership Awards – Nominations are now open. Let’s be the change we want to see in the world and reward kind and courageous leadership.

If you would LOVE to partner with us please contact my team at hello@outstandingleadershipawards.com.au

Who is with us!

About Us

Leadership HQ has been at the forefront of leadership coaching and training across Australia for many years. We have evolved and adapted over the past year separating our online, face-to-face training programs and coaching arm, transforming into McDonald Inc. We now have a team of facilitators who embody our values and beliefs working to build courageous and kind leadership. We see Leadership HQ’s role as being one of champion and a pillar of support. We partner with organisations that strive to change the trajectory of leadership on both national and global scales. We shine a spotlight on leaders who demonstrate leadership excellence within the award categories. Above all, Leadership HQ wants to promote the very essence of what we stand for – authentic, kind, and courageous leadership.