The Impact of Missing Kindness on Leadership

By Sonia McDonald, Keynote Speaker, Author of Leadership Attitude and Just Rock It!, and CEO & founder of McDonald Inc. and LeadershipHQ and Mum. Kindness – “the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.” I am concerned about how we are leading today. I am seeing a lack of kindness around the world. We need […]

Kindness at Work To Revolutionize Your Work Environment

By Sonia McDonald CEO & founder LeadershipHQ & McDonald Inc., Author and Keynote Speaker. When you think of traditional office culture, there are many things that are given importance above being kind. In fact, kindness isn’t even on the radar a lot of the time. Being competitive, confident (almost to the point of being arrogant), […]

Celebrating Kind and Courageous Leadership

When I look at leadership today, it concerns me. It concerns my team, my daughter, my peers and those I care about. At times we can get despondent about leadership and who we see leading our companies, communities and countries especially in the media. In turn, we still see and hear stories of poor leadership, […]

Cultivating Kind Courageous Leadership for Leaders

People often asked me why I am on a mission to build more Kind, Courageous and Inclusive Leaders and Organisations. People often tell me how much they love it too. In turn, people are contacting us more and more each day to find out how they or their team and organisation can be that kind […]

Leadership Actions that Make a Big Impact

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As leaders, it’s not just your words that affect those around you. You have to walk the walk, as the saying goes. This means that your actions, all of them, are directly impacting your co-workers, your organisation, and your leadership style. There are certain things that all great leaders do, that have a major impact […]

What I’d Tell My Younger Self about Leadership

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What I’d Tell My Younger Self about Leadership What would you say to your younger self about Leadership? Becoming a confident and courageous leader is both an attitude and a process. Like many undertakings, developing the ability to lead is one that benefits from experience. In fact, when it comes to gaining the insight that […]