7 Laws for Improving Your Quality of Life

The standards you set for yourself are what make up your quality of life. Your expectations of responsibility, love, personal development, happiness and values are what guides you through life, and make it or break it. Do you want to be living the best life you can, or will you waste it by not expecting or believing in what you deserve?

To live your best life means having the courage to be kind, dream big, know you deserve the best – and expect it, too! So, how do you start to improve your life? How do you raise your standards, overcome fear, and stay motivated during the rough times?

I’ll tell you, with my 7 Laws for Improving Your Quality of Life:

Be discerning about your relationships

Nobody is ever really happy if their relationships aren’t healthy. Flying solo will only get you so far, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept every relationship in your life. Sometimes, we must cut out family, friends or other relationships, for the sake of our wellbeing. When you love yourself enough to expect better from your relationships, and surround yourself with those who support, love and respect you, you’ll see a huge improvement in your life.

It’s okay to put yourself first

You can’t unleash your full personal power if you’re neglecting yourself and your needs. Focusing on yourself isn’t selfish; it’s ensuring that you can have a high quality of life and reach your potential.

Instead of putting tasks off, whether large or small, you must put aside time to tackle them. Have high standards for your performance so that you can work hard and achieve more. The courage to stand up for yourself and dedicate energy and time to your needs and goals is so important. Without this, you’re limiting your life’s quality.

Look at what can be done, not what’s standing in the way

When you’re living a high-quality life, problems and challenges aren’t anywhere near as overwhelming. You know that there is always an answer, because your sense of personal power tells you that there’s always solutions.

This type of motivation is what leads you to greater success and allows you to not be bogged down in negativity if you fail. You can then use the experience to adapt for next time and continue improving your life.

When you believe that you deserve more, you’ll see how you can make it happen, rather than what’s stopping you.

Always work on bettering yourself

None of us will ever be perfect, but that doesn’t mean we should become complacent in our personal growth or in meeting our upgraded standards.

Reflection and monitoring of all aspects of your life is key and must be done consistently. This way you can adjust what isn’t working and make changes before you squander too much of your time. Commit to always doing better for yourself and your quality of life will grow exponentially.

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Respect time – yours and others’

Be prudent with how you manage your time. A lot of your personal power comes from the way you choose to use your time. From completing your most significant tasks first, to showing respect for others’ time by being early (or on time), you are demonstrating an appreciation for time that will always work in your favour.

The way you manage your time says a great deal about your character, so think about how you are with yours and others’ time – are you showing integrity, commitment and respect? If so, then you are going to improve your life, and compel those around you to do the same.

Own it when things go wrong – or right!

Shirking responsibility for the outcomes of your actions is only bringing your life quality down and impacting those around you as well.

Have the courage to take ownership of your mistakes; after all, they are another chance to learn! Mistakes aren’t the be all and end all, so change your attitude towards negative experiences and you’ll become much more resilient and adaptable.

Leaders who demonstrate the courage to take responsibility are modelling positive behaviours for their teams as well. Humility is a trait all great leaders have and display consistently.

Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself and claim the recognition you deserve, either. Take ownership of the positive as well as the negative.

The best thing you can be is kind

Being kind doesn’t mean doing everything everyone asks of you; it’s important to treat yourself with kindness too.

Being kind inspires people around you to do their best and is a type of personal power that cannot be understated. The ripple effect from just one kind act can have incredible results.

Following these principles will help you improve the quality of your life and be a great influence on the quality of others’ as well.

Is there anything you’d add to this list? What else do you do to make sure you’re living the best life possible? Let me know!

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