These 5 Questions will truly help your Personal Growth

Self-reflection is key to personal growth. You won’t ever improve or reach your goals if you don’t look at yourself and your actions in depth. You may not know what to ask yourself, so I’ve put together 5 questions for you to answer. If you’re honest in your answers, you’ll learn a lot about yourself and what makes you who you are.

What faults, flaws and issues do you have, and what can you do to resolve them?

Nobody’s perfect, and the sooner you can embrace that idea the better. Identifying and accepting your faults and flaws enables you to work on them, and eventually overcome them! Don’t hide them and stay in denial; it’s a waste of time and only inhibits your growth. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help if you’re unsure how to resolve your issues (or flaws or faults). Sometimes we can’t overcome them on our own, and that’s okay!

What is there to love about yourself and your life?

It’s not all about the negatives! You should also know why you deserve your love and what you have to be grateful for in your life. Life isn’t always pleasant; things will go wrong and you’ll find yourself experiencing highs and lows. Dealing with the unavoidable bad times shows your strength and helps your growth. Knowing what you have to love within yourself and your life will help you navigate difficult times with ease. Being secure in your love for yourself is invaluable.

What are you working to achieve, and why?

You need to know what you’re trying to achieve, and why. Tell yourself every day what it is you’re aiming for and the reason for it, to stay motivated. We all work harder to be successful at something when we know why we’re doing it. It has to be a good reason though, or you won’t stay on task as easily during harder times. Persistence and being disciplined enough to finish the work is key to success.

What is stopping you from accomplishing your goals?

You may see a roadblock and try to go around it, or not even notice it at all without reflecting on the path necessary to achieve your goal. When you acknowledge these roadblocks, you turn them into challenges instead. The great thing about challenges? They’re made to be overcome!

Take the opportunity to smash the challenges in your way, and come out the other side a more successful, confident person. Learn from your challenges and apply them to any others that are in your path to continue your growth.

What can you do to make a positive impact on the world?

Do the right thing whenever you can; even the smallest positive act makes a difference! Doing nothing is almost as bad as doing the wrong thing because nothing will change when the good do nothing. Even if it seems like you can’t win, doing the right thing is important and shows the strength of your character. It may not work in every situation, but there are often unseen ripple effects from our good deeds that still make a difference.

For example, if you’re a leader, do more than the minimum and really get invested in improving your company’s culture. Be involved in your team members’ growth and development, and encourage them to work to their full potential.

I hope you were honest in your answers to these questions, and I encourage you to regularly practice self-reflection if you aren’t already! Personal development enriches your life personally, and professionally too. This link is to a simple yet effective self-reflection exercise I posted last year: Focus on What Makes You Rock. And if you’re in need of some motivation, check out the blog of My Top 50 Quotes for Inspiration and Motivation. If you want to share any of your answers with me, I’d love to hear from you!

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These 5 Questions will truly help your Personal Growth

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