7 Laws of Self Esteem

This 7 Laws blog is a little different to my previous ones; I’m going to be focusing on YOU and your self-esteem. Learning to love yourself is crucial to being a great leader, because how can you respect others or truly embrace your own leadership potential without loving who you are and what makes you awesome?

These 7 laws make amazing phrases for you to repeat every day, or whenever you need a little boost in your self-esteem. Soon you’ll see how much further treating yourself with kindness can take you.

What others think of you is not what you really are

When others share their opinions (solicited or otherwise) of us, it can be hard not to take these things to heart and get offended or let them become our new reality. What you need to remember is that opinions are not facts, and you don’t have to agree with them.

When you value yourself and treat yourself with kindness, you’re able to take opinions as they are, and have the confidence to know that any negativity doesn’t mean you’ve failed overall. Nobody knows you better than you know yourself.

Stop judging yourself and show kindness instead

Attacking yourself and talking down to yourself all the time ensures you’ll never have great self-esteem. It might feel strange at first, but show yourself love by using positive language and encouraging yourself, and you’ll see how much better you feel about yourself in no time. There’s nothing wrong with being your own cheerleader!

Don’t waste time dreaming of being anyone else – you’re amazing too!

It’s never a bad thing to dream; it feeds our ambitious side and makes us strive for bigger and better things. However, spending too much time on fantasising and comparing yourself with others only brings your self-esteem down.

Focus on what makes you unique to unlock your potential!

You are deserving of love – from yourself and others

No one should have to beg for any little scrap of affection. You are worthy, and you deserve love. Let love nourish you, and you’ll find yourself with a solid foundation that gives you the strength to handle anything life throws at you.

It’s nobody else’s job to ensure your happiness

Happiness comes from within, so you can’t look to anyone else to make you happy. We are responsible for the way we feel, even when a situation seems to call for a particular emotion. When you accept and love yourself for who you are, true happiness quickly follows.

Start valuing yourself and take control of your life

Valuing yourself allows you to prioritise yourself; putting yourself ahead of others and actually making the time for your own growth. We don’t get long in this life, so don’t waste your time on autopilot. Value your time and start living consciously.

If you don’t respect yourself, don’t expect anyone else to either

You get back what you put out into the world. So, if you’re not treating yourself well, you’re sending a message to those around you that it’s okay to do the same to you.

Choose to respect yourself and you’ll show others that you are worthy of their respect too. You’ll also make better decisions and choose actions that impact your life in a much more positive way.

The way you see and treat yourself has an incredible effect on your life. The knock-on effects are almost endless when you choose to start improving your self-esteem: you’ll be happier, more confident and secure, demand respect and put yourself and your needs first. Love yourself, show yourself the respect you deserve, and you’ll soon see those around you treating you the same way.

Loving who you are and choosing to be responsible for yourself and your own happiness will enable you to take criticism and unwanted opinions in your stride.

It may not be easy at the start, but you must nurture your self-esteem in order to make an impact and improve your life!

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